Gift Quiz and Discussion Guide for Couples (with Free Printable)


Valentine’s Day is approaching, and love is in the air! Join us every day this week as we post an editorial series of blog posts all about the topics of relationships, romance, and Valentine’s Day fun.

We all love giving and getting the perfect gift. But how many times have we failed to have any clue what to get the loves of our lives for that special occasion? How often have we thought we were giving the perfect gift, only to find out that it was, in fact, far from perfect? And how often have we received a gift that was rather disappointing (much to the disappointment of the giver as well)? If you’re anything like me and my husband, your answer to these questions is, “Yeah . . . a lot more often than I’d like!”

Well, my friends, I hope to offer a bit of help to you this Valentine’s Day in the form of this ABQ Mom Gift Quiz and Discussion Guide. My husband and I are FAR from being the perfect gift-givers! But we have learned so much from discussions around gifting over the years. I hope that you and your love will learn a bit about yourselves and a whole lot about the other through this process. Feel free to print out two copies of the guide so that you and your love can fill them out on your own. Then, pour a couple of mugs of coffee or glasses of wine, snuggle up, and start talking.

ABQ Mom Gift Quiz and Discussion Guide

ABQ Mom Gift Quiz and Discussion Guide (2)Discover Gift Preferences

I just want to encourage you to approach your discussion with an attitude of discovery. The purpose of this guide is NOT to make you feel bad about all your previous gift flops. It is to take a bit of the guesswork out of gift-giving. Why do we believe we have to have the other person all figured out? And why do we secretly hope they have us all figured out? Sometimes, all we need is permission to be ourselves and voice our preferences. I’m giving you both that permission . . . there’s no judgment here. You’ll be helping each other out as well as deepening your bond by understanding more of who your love happens to be. Happy Discovering!

Keep Talking

The best thing you and your love can do is to keep communicating! Please revisit this guide every so often. Humans do change! Our likes, dislikes, interests, and so much more are different from year to year. Here’s to fun gift-giving and, more importantly, discovering more to love about the loves of our lives!

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