The Power Hour :: How to Do All the Things Without Going Crazy


It used to take me six hours to get back to all of my work emails. I was constantly distracted. My notifications on my phone would keep going off. And I felt like everyone needed me right then and there.

This wasn’t really the case, but I sure felt like it. Then someone would call, and I would end up talking to them for 45 minutes. It felt like one thing after another. This was my constant struggle as a working stay-at-home mom.

The struggle needed to stop so I could get more accomplished. That’s when I started a new routine–my power hour!

I started incorporating a power hour every day. Most of the time after I drop my kids off at school, I will come home, check my messages on my phone again, and then start my working power hour. And let me tell you, it has made a HUGE difference!

What is a power hour?

You commit one hour to get as much work done as you can–WITHOUT your phone. Silence your phone, and put it in another room. Don’t check it at all during the power hour. Get off all social media on your computer. And don’t engage in chit chat until your hour is done.

After that hour is up, you shouldn’t have a ton on your to-do list so you can go about your day engaging with other people and getting even more work done.

It is AMAZING what you can get done in an hour without any interruptions. Try it starting today and see how much it will help you get stuff done!

The Power Hour :: How To Do All The Things Without Going Crazy from Albuquerque Moms Blog
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Are you a work from home mom? How do you manage your work/life balance and get all the things done? I would love to know your tips and tricks!

Originally published July 2019.

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