Summer Reading Programs in the Albuquerque Area


You might just be an 80s or 90s baby if you remember reading your little heart out for a personal pan pizza. I grew up in a tiny town in Florida with two fast food restaurants . . . one of them being good ol’ Pizza Hut. (We got a third, McDonalds, my senior of high school. I sure did skip school that day for a Big Mac. Sorry, Mom!)

Don’t worry about my education though despite my truancy. My childhood summers consisted of devouring Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, and Romana Quimby books to make sure I got my share of greasy, cheesy goodness.

Our kiddos are in luck because there are many summer reading programs in the Albuquerque area that will reward them for a book well read.

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Manzano Day School is an independent, non-profit elementary school serving pre-k through fifth grade in Albuquerque. It has provided generations of children with a strong foundation for lifelong learning in our diverse world. Community is at the heart of Manzano Day School, as everyone practices core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, and striving for excellence. With an average class size of 18, students are taught to think critically and creatively, communicate and collaborate effectively, and act compassionately. A Manzano Day School education includes an outdoor environmental classroom in the Jemez Mountains and six co-curricular classes, including art, library, music, physical education, Spanish, and technology, all woven into every student’s schedule.

Manzano Day School understands that a child’s education is a significant investment in their future. The school is committed to making education accessible to all and, therefore, offers financial aid based on demonstrated need and available funds. For more information or to schedule a tour, call the Admission Office at 505-243-6659 or email [email protected].

So without further ado, here’s a list of local summer reading programs to entice our kids to stop the summer slide and keep them busy for a hot minute. Who’s stopping you from enrolling in them all?

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Adventure Begins at Your Library at Albuquerque Public Libraries

“Adventure Begins at Your Library” is the Albuquerque Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. This free 8-week program encourages babies, children, tweens, teens, and even adults to read (or be read to!) throughout the summer. Sign up and pick up a reading log at any of the Albuquerque library branches beginning June 1. Bring your reading log to any Public Library Branch location once a week to earn a weekly prize. All participants who turn in their completed reading logs up until the end of the Summer Reading Program will be entered into grand prize drawings for their age group held at each branch.

Adventure Begins at Your Library at Rio Rancho Public Libraries

This free program at Rio Rancho Public Libraries is an opportunity to earn prizes by reading books. Sign up online starting May 20th and complete the required form. Everyone from babies to adults. There is also a series of live cultural, educational, and entertaining performances, events, and interactive experiences to accompany the program.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Barnes & Noble hopes to foster a love of reading and its rewards through their Summer Reading Program. Download the summer reading journal from the Barnes & Noble website, read 8 books over the course of the summer, and record your reading in the journal. Then bring in completed journals to your closest Barnes & Noble store to earn free books!

Dion’s Club Read

Dion’s and the Albuquerque Isotopes are strongly committed to providing programs that support youth in our community. The Club Read program encourages students to read and rewards them for their dedication. Kids can earn pizza, Isotopes tickets, and more!

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program

Can you believe it still exists? The BOOK IT! Program is a free reading incentive program for PreK-6th grade classrooms, parents, and homeschool families.

Scholastic Summer Reading Home Base

The Scholastic Summer Reading program offers kids an exciting, free, and safe summer reading experience. From May 9 through September 12, kids can visit the summer zone in Scholastic Home Base, a completely free digital destination that offers stories, characters, games, and a community of readers. Kids will be able to track their summer reading by reading every day and maintaining a Reading Streak™ in Home Base. The longer a child extends their Reading Streak™, the more digital experiences they earn!

State of New Mexico Summer Reading Program

New Mexico’s Summer Reading Program is an innovative free program set to empower 10,000 students from incoming kindergarteners to outgoing eighth graders with focused reading instruction in small groups with trained literacy instructors. This program is being offered free to New Mexico families because reading interventions work. Students who receive focused instruction can get caught up in important reading skills and gain the confidence they need to be successful in all school subjects. The goals are simple: enhance literacy, track reading progress, and boost confidence and skills in literacy.

Do you know of other summer reading programs available to local families? If so, email us at [email protected].


  1. Thank you for making us list! Does anybody know about the battle of the books in New Mexico? I see their Facebook page, but I am not involved with the community and don’t know how to get involved with them over the summer.


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