Guide to Albuquerque Area Pediatricians


Choosing a pediatrician for your child can be a daunting task.

Which one is the best fit for our family? Do you offer same-day sick appointments? What if my baby gets sick when the office is closed? Are you certified by the American Board of Pediatrics? Are you part of a group practice?

While we can’t answer these questions or make these decisions for you, we CAN make them a little easier. Check out this resource for local pediatricians & pediatric health services.

Thank you to our sponsor, Lovelace Health System!

Lovelace Medical Group Pediatrics

Lovelace’s pediatricians and nurse practitioners offer comprehensive services to promote the physical, emotional, and social health of infants, children, and adolescents from birth to 18 or 21. Pediatricians and nurse practitioners can:

  • Diagnose and treat injuries and infections
  • Reduce infant and child mortality
  • Ease day-to-day difficulties of chronic conditions
  • Identify and address developmental and behavioral problems
  • Complete well-child checks and sports physicals
  • Provide immunizations/flu shots
  • Offer urgent care appointments
  • Compile complete patient histories
  • Physical and sport exams
  • Formulate treatment plans
  • Order and interpret lab tests
  • Counsel patients and families on disease prevention and health promotion
  • Prescribe medications
  • Order X-rays
  • Treat common illnesses such as flu/colds
  • Treat chickenpox and other types of rashes

Pediatric Dentistry

Lovelace Health System is committed to providing exceptional, knowledgeable, and comfortable care for children requiring general anesthesia in a hospital setting for dental procedures. A team of hospital-based professionals work alongside dentists who specialize in treating children, including those with special needs. Pediatric Dentistry services are currently available at Lovelace Westside Hospital and Lovelace Regional Hospital.

Pediatric Sleep Medicine

The Lovelace Sleep Center is a state-of-the-art sleep diagnostic testing facility and comprehensive program that is now offering pediatric sleep studies. Our center includes diagnostics and a treatment program to increase the quality of your sleep. Board-certified sleep medicine physician, James Bradley, M.D, leads the center. You can rest easy knowing that you are receiving the highest quality care.

Did you know about 40 million people suffer from a sleep disorder? If you have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep or find your mind and body tired during the day, you may be one of many people with a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders are common and can be treated.

Difficulty sleeping occurs in men, women, and children of all races and socioeconomic groups and increases with age. Left untreated, sleep disorders can impact your health. This can include reduced quality of life, lower productivity in the workplace and school, depression, irritability, heart attack, stroke, and even death.

Pediatricians South of ABQ

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