Guide to Parks in the Albuquerque Area


Because we’re raising littles, we all know the importance of parks. And finding a good park that fits your family is a parenting necessity. Luckily for us, Albuquerque is FULL of parks ready to become your new go-to hang spot. We’ve broken it up into five different sections to make it easier to find a park near you.

How to use this guide:

Click on each of the tabs below for a park guide specific to that area of town. This will be your greatest resource for all things parks! Did we miss something? Let us know by emailing [email protected].

Team Favorite: North Domingo Baca Park

7521 Carmel Ave NE 87113

Major Cross Streets: Wyoming & Paseo Del Norte

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Rock climbing Wall, teeter totter, slides, regular and baby swings, balance equipment, climbing equipment

Additional Features: Exercise “machines,” tennis courts, table tennis, skate park area, benches, large grassy area, racquetball area, dog park, picnic tables, walking path

North Domingo Baca

Team Favorite: Wade Circle Park

1101 Wade NE 87112

Major Cross Streets: Lomas & Eubank

Shade: Tree shade

Playground Equipment: Swings, climbing equipment

Additional Features: Tucked in a neighborhood, benches, grassy area, wood chips

Guide to Parks in the Albuquerque Area

Academy Hills Park

9709 Layton Ave NE 87111

Major Cross Streets: Juan Tabo & Eubank

Shade: Shade structures and tree shade

Playground Equipment: Separate play area for younger kids, regular swings and baby swings, slides, bars to hang on

Additional Features: Walking trail, shaded picnic tables, sanded playground, large grassy area

Guide to Parks in the Albuquerque Area

Other NE Parks

Altura Park | Morningside Dr. & Hannett Ave.

Alvarado Park | Alvarado Dr. & Haines Ave.

Arroyo Del Oso Park | Osuna Rd. & Wyoming Blvd.

Aztec Park | Moon St. & Cherokee Rd.

Balloon Fiesta Park | Lift off Ln. & Baggie Drop

Barstow Park | Barstow St. & Liberty Dr. 

Bataan Park | Amherst Dr. & Lomas Blvd.

Bel-Air/Miramontes Park | Phoenix Ave. & Morningside Dr.

Bianchetti Park | Granite Ave. & La Charles Dr.

Cardwell Park | Comanche Rd. & Cherokee Rd. 

Chelwood Park | Nakomis Dr. & Fruit Ave.

Conchas Park | Lexington Ave. & Parsifal St.

Crestview Heights Park | Chandelle Loop & Chandelle Ct.

Cutler Park | Cutler Ave. & Pennsylvania St.

Don Juan de Onate Park | Chelwood Park Blvd. & Brentwood Hills Blvd.

Ed Leslie Park | Montgomery Ave. & Maria Dr.

El Oso Grande Park | Morris St. & Osuna Rd. 

Embudo Hills Park | Monte Verde Dr. & Lomas Blvd. 

Ernie Taylor Park | Pitt St. & Gutierrez Rd.

Fox Memorial Park | Marquette Ave. & Valencia Dr. 

Grisham Park | Tiley Dr. & Hoyle Rd. 

Heritage Hills Park | Ventura Ave. & Redmont Rd

High Desert Park | Academy Rd. & Cortaderia St.

Hoffman Park | Mesa Linda Dr. & Phoenix Ave. 

Holiday Park | Comanche Rd. & Chelwood Dr.

Hyder Park | Richmond Dr. & Pershing Ave. 

Inez Park | Wyoming Pl. & Wisconsin St. 

Jade Park | Ray St. & San Francisco Rd. 

Jeanne Bellamah Park | Summer Ave. & Tomasita St. 

Jerry Cline Park | Louisiana Blvd. & Constitution Ave. 

Kiva Park | Arvilla Ave. & Palomas Dr. 

La Paloma Park | Moon St. & Canyon Run Rd. 

La Palomita Park | La Camila Rd. & La Sala Grande

Lauren C. Boles Park | Skyview Ave. & Parkview Pl. 

Liner Park | Comanche Rd. & Calle Castano 

Loma del Norte Park | Burke St. & Raymond Dr. 

Loma del Rey Park | Comanche Rd. & Erbbe St.

Los Altos Park | Lomas Blvd. & Eubank Blvd. 

Luecking Park | Amherst Pl. & Tulane Dr. 

Lynnewood Park | Nakomis Dr. & Los Arbolas Ave. 

Martineztown Park | Broadway Blvd. & Hannett Ave.

Martinez-Santa Barbara Park | Roma Ave. & Edith Blvd.

Matheson Park | Lexington Ave. & Morris St.

McDuffie “Hidden” Park | Mackland Ave. & Solano Dr. 

Mesa Verde Park | Marquette Ave. & Pennsylvania St

Montgomery Park | Comanche Rd. & Palomas Dr. 

Netherwood Park | Princeton Rd. & Morrow Dr. 

New Kimo Park | San Mateo Blvd. & Cutler Ave. 

Nor Este Park | Wyoming Blvd. & Oakland Ave. 

Novella Park | Prairie Rd. & Chama St. 

Paseo De Estrella Park | Vista Monte Dr. & Sidewinder Dr. 

Piedra Lisa Park | Menaul Blvd. & Punta De Vista Dr. 

Quigley Park | San Pedro Dr. & Claremont Ave.

Quintessence Park | Quintessence Rd. & Tuolon Dr. 

Rancho de Palomas Park | Palomas Park Ave. & Wyoming Blvd. 

Ross Enchanted Park | Algodones St. & Phoenix Ave. 

Rotary Park | Quintana Dr. & Wallace St. 

Sandia Vista Park | Chico Rd. & Jane St. 

Santa Barbara Park | Rosemont Ave. & Edith Blvd. 

Sister Cities Park | Harper Dr. & McKinney Dr. 

Snow Heights Park | Constitution Ave. & Katie St. 

Snow Park | Indian School Rd. & Parsifal Dr. 

Stardust Skies Park | Pennsylvania St. & Bellrose Ave. 

Spruce Park | Roma Ave. & Spruce St.

Summer Hills Park | Algodones St. & Summer Ave. 

Summit Park | Constitution Ave. & Bryn Mawr Dr. 

Sunset Canyon Park | Calle De Carino & Larchmont Dr. 

Supper Rock Park | Monte Alto Pl. & Monte Largo Dr. 

Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park | Dakota St. & Zimmerman Ave. 

Villela Park/Lippid Park | Monroe St. & Cherokee Rd. 

Vineyard Park | Mendocino Dr. & Mendocino Ct. 

Vista Del Norte Park | Vista Del Norte Dr. & Osuna Rd. 

Vista Verde Park | Hannett Ave. & Hannett Pl. 

Wildflower Park | San Mateo Blvd. & Modesto Ave. 

Thank you to Katie Sacoman for her contribution to the NE Park Guide.

Team Favorite: Ventana Ranch Park

10000 Universe Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114

Major Cross Streets: Universe & Ventana Village Rd.

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Play structures for ages 2-5 & 5-12

Additional Features: Restrooms, basketball courts, tables, grassy field

ventana ranch park, abq mom

Team Favorite: Columbus Park

5231 Guadalupe Trail NW 87107

Major Cross Streets: Guadalupe Trail & Griegos Rd.

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Themed play structure

Additional Features: Basketball courts, tennis courts, tables

Columbus Park

Team Favorite: Eagle Ranch Park

9608 Benton St. NW 87114

Major Cross Streets: Eagle Ranch & Irving

Shade: Tree shade

Playground Equipment: Play structure, swings

Additional Features: Basketball courts, tennis courts, tables, walking path

Mariposa Basin Park

6401 Taylor Ranch Dr. NW 87120

Major Cross Streets: Taylor Ranch & Montano

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Toddler play area, swings, slides

Additional Features: Basketball court, baseball fields, pond, tables, grills, restrooms, bike trails, workout area

Mariposa Park

Other NW Parks

Avalon Park | 90th St. & Starboard Rd

Bellrose Park | 6th St. & Bellrose Ave. 

Briar Ridge Park | Briar Ridge Ave. & Ventana Ranch Rd. 

Chantilly Park | Chantilly Rd. & Arrowhead Ave. 

Columbus Park | Guadalupe Trail & Douglas MacArthur Rd.

Coronado Park | Indian School Rd. & 2nd St. 

Country Hills Park | Los Prados Rd. & Valle Verde Rd. 

Country Meadows Park | Ventana Village Rd. & Universe Blvd. 

Dulcinea Park | Don Juan Loop & Don Quixote Dr.

East Atrisco Kimbar | Miami Rd. & Sea Breeze St. 

El Rancho Atrisco Park | Los Tretos St. & Ladera Rd.

Four H Park | Menaul Ave. & Prospect Ave. 

Goodrich Park | Delamar Pl. & Delamar Ave. 

Graves Park | Cutler Ave. & 9th St. 

Grecian Park | Grecian Ave. & Callie Diez

Hunter’s Run Park | Dunbar St. & Chandler Dr. 

Krogh Park | Frederick Pl. & Frederick Ct. 

Las Marcadas Park II | Paseo Del Norte & Golf Course Rd. 

Laurelwood Park | Teakwood Dr. & Eastwood Ave. 

Lavaland Park | Coors Blvd. & Avalon Rd. 

Los Duranes Park | Gabaldon Rd. & Leopoldo Rd

Los Tomases Park | Phoenix Dr. & Los Tomases Ave. 

Mary Fox Park | Roma Ave. & 13th St. 

Matthew Meadows Park | Mateo Prado & Matthew Ave.

Paradise Meadows Park | San Gregorio Dr. & Cedar Springs Dr. 

Paradise Skies Park | Rockcliff Ct. & Sagittarius Ave.

Parkway Park | Parkland View Dr. & Tessa Dr. 

Parkwest Park | Parkwest Dr. & Windward Dr. 

Pat Hurley Lower Park | Yucca Dr. & La Bajada Rd. 

Pinon Pointe Park | Weymouth Ave. & Woodstar Ave. 

Presidio Park | Armand Rd. & 67th St. 

Richland Hills Park | Richland Hills Dr. & Education Pl. 

Rinconada Park | Painted Rock Dr & Bob McCannon Pkwy 

Riverview Park | Golf Course Rd. & Butterfield Trail

Robinson Park | 8th St. & Central Ave.

Salida del Sol Park | Driftwood Dr. & Calle Sombra

Santa Fe Village Park | Unser Blvd. & Montano Rd.

Soldiers & Sailors Park | Central Ave. & 13th St. 

Sundoro South Park | Endee Rd. & Ekarma Rd. 

Terrazas Park | Terrazas Rd. & Las Ventanas Rd.

Tiguex Park | 19th St & Mountain Rd. 

Tres Placitas Park | Cibola Loop & Cuba Rd. 

Tuscany Park | Vecchio Dr. & Bandelier Dr. 

Valley Haven Park | Headingly Ave. & Manchester Ct. 

Valley Neighborhood Park | Valley Pool Rd. & San Isidro St. 

Wells Park | 5th St. & Mountain Rd. 

West Bluff Park | Sugarbear Ct. & Alamogordo Dr.  

West Old Town | Central Ave. & New York Ave. 

Thank you to Meg Cheshire for her contribution to the NW Park Guide.

Team Favorite: Manzano Mesa Park

501 Elizabeth St SE 87123

Major Cross Streets: Southern & Elizabeth

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Large play area, toddler equipment, swings

Additional Features: Pickleball courts, community center with splash pad, soccer goals, baseball fields, tables

Manzano Mesa| Guide to Parks in the Albuquerque Area

Team Favorite: South San Jose Park

400 San Jose Ave SE 87102

Major Cross Streets: Broadway & San Jose

Shade: Tree shade, shaded structures

Playground Equipment: Two play areas, swings

Additional Features: Basketball court, community center, tables

South San Jose | Guide to Parks in the Albuquerque Area

USS Bullhead Memorial Park

2621 Ridgecrest Dr. SE 87108

Major Cross Streets: San Pedro & Gibson

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Two play areas, swings

Additional Features: Dog park, baseball fields, soccer goals, field goal posts,  bathroom & port-o-potties, tables

USS Bullhead

Other SE Parks

Beyer Park | Carlisle Blvd. & Parkland Cir.

Burton Park | Carlisle Blvd. & San Rafael Ave. 

Dennis Chavez Park | Kathryn Ave. & High St. 

East San Jose Park | William St & Abilene Ave. 

Eunice Kalloch Park | Ridgecrest Cir. & Quincy St. 

Four Hills Park | Running Water Cir. & Stagecoach Rd. 

Guadalupe Park | Cromwell Ave. & John St.

Highland Park | Elm St. & Gold Ave. 

Jack and Jill Park | San Pedro Dr. & Bell Ave. 

Kirtland Park | San Jose Ave. & University Blvd. 

Lassatter Park | Dakota St. & Lovelace Rd. 

Morningside Park | Lead Ave. & Aliso Dr. 

Phil Chacon Park | Southern Ave. & Pennsylvania Ave. 

Ridgecrest Park | Ridgecrest Dr. & Sierra Dr. 

Roosevelt Park | Coal Ave. & Spruce St. 

Ross Park | Ross Pl. & Crest Ave. 

Singing Arrow Park | Singing Arrow Ave. 

South Broadway Park | Broadway Blvd. & Lewis Ave. 

Sunport Park | Clark Carr Rd. & University Blvd.

Trumbull Park | Dallas St. & Trumbull Ave

Trumbull Children’s Park | Utah St. & Trumbull Ave. 

Vail Park | Washington St. & Eastern Ave

Wellesley Park | Lead Ave. & Wellesley Dr. 

Wilson Park | San Pedro Dr. & Anderson Ave. 

Team Favorite: Kit Carson Park

1744 Kit Carson Ave SW 87104

Major Cross Streets: Tingley & Alcalde

Shade: Tree shade

Playground Equipment: Swings

Additional Features: Big grassy area, tables

Kit Carson

Team Favorite: Alamosa Park

6900 Gonzales Rd. SW 87121

Major Cross Streets: Coors & Bridge

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment:  Toddler play area, swings

Additional Features: Basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer goals, skate park, tables

Alamosa | Guide to Parks in the Albuquerque Area

Desert Springs Park

7627 Blue Avena Ave. SW 87121

Major Cross Streets: Unser & Arenal

Shade: Tree shade, shade structure

Playground Equipment: Swings, toddler area

Additional Features: Basketball courts, tables, walking path

Desert Springs

Other SW Parks

Anderson Meadows Park | Rio San Diego Pl. & Rio Largo Dr. 

Barelas Park | 2nd St. & Avenida Cesar Chavez

Carlos Rey Park | Delgado Drive & Benavides Rd.

Eddie Garcia Park | Cromwell Ave. & 8th St. 

Eldorado Park | Eucariz Ave. & 90th St. 

Forest Park | 16th St. & San Cristobal Rd.

Hazeldine Park | Hazeldine Ave. & 3rd St. 

Monastery Gardens Park | Sunset Pl. & Sunset Rd. 

Oxnard Park | Park Ave. & 16th St. 

Sunrise Terrace Park | Paso Fino Pl. & 102nd St. 

Tapia Meadows Park | Goff Blvd. & Lundy Ln. 

Tingley Park | Tingley Drive & Central Ave. 

Triangle Park | Iron Ave. & Kit Carson Ave.

Valley Gardens Park | Apple Valley Ave & Valley Park Dr. 

Vista Nueva Park | Unser Blvd. & Kimela 

Westgate Community Park | Desert Range Drive & Cartagena Ave

Team Favorite: A Park Above

2441 Westside Ct. SE RR 87124

Major Cross Streets: Golf Course & Westside

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Inclusive equipment, swings, wheelchair swings, musical instruments

Additional Features: Basketball courts, four tables, splash pad, trails, amphitheater, Bocce court, dog park, exercise equipment

Team Favorite: Havasu Park

3535 Havasu Falls St. NE RR 87144

Major Cross Streets: Unser & King

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Toddler play area, slides

Additional Features: Basketball courts, grills, two tables, drinking fountain, walking path

Mountain View Park

6441 Grayson Hills Drive NE RR

Major Cross Streets: Santa Fe Hills & Highway 550

Shade: Tree shade, shade structures

Playground Equipment: Swings, climbing structure

Additional Features: Grills, skate park, trails, tables, 20 acres

Other RR Parks

Alpine Xeric Park | Riverview Dr. & Alpine Cir. 

Ann Park | Ann Cir. & 32nd Cir.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Park | Cherry Rd. & 17th Ave. 

Cabezon Park | Western Hills Dr. & Cabezon Blvd.

Canyon Park | 17th Ave & Blueberry Dr

Cielo Grande Park | Pembrooke Ave & Box Lake Dr

Cielo Vista Park | Baltic Ave & Pecos Loop

Clayton Meadows Park | Clayton Meadows Dr & Chama Meadows Dr

Clearview Park | 21st Ave & Golf Course Rd

Enchanted Hills Park | Paseo del Vulcan & Enchanted Hills Blvd

High Range Park | 18th Ave & 40th St

King Meadows Park | 90th St. & Starboard Rd

Leon Grande Park | Leon Grande Ave & Antigua Rd

Loma Colorado Park | Loma Colorado Dr & Terraza Blvd

Los Milagros Park | Colorado Mountain Rd & Deer Trail Loop

Los Montoyas Park | Walter Rd & Cam De Los Montoyas

Nicklaus Park | Lariat Rd & Nicklaus Dr

North Hills Park | 19th Ave & Strawberry Dr

Olympus Park | Laser Rd & Quantum Rd

Rainbow Park | El Morro Dr & Pecos Loop

Rio Vista Park | Blackhawk River Dr & Riverside Dr

Roadrunner Park | Dolores Hildalgo Dr & Palamas Altas Dr

Sabana Heights Park | Benjamin Dr & Bursum Lane

Sierra Norte II Park | Penasco Rd & Questa Rd

Snead Park | Snead Loop & Rough Ct

Star Heights Park | Polaris Blvd & Domain Loop

Sugar Park | Sugar Rd & Bali Rd

Trailhead Park | Corrales Rd & Grey Hawk Dr

Veja Baja Park | Veja Baja Dr & Santa Elena Rd

Veterans Monument Park | Pinetree Rd & Oakmount Dr

Vista Grande Park | Husky Dr & Skylar Dr

Vista Hills Park | Rockaway Blvd & Nickel Dr

Vista Sandia Park | Parkside Rd & Maricopa Dr

Western Winds Park | Zaragoza Rd & Chuckwagon Rd

Zia Park | Zia St & San Ildefonso Loop 

Happy park hunting!


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