Guide to Summer Movies for Kids in the Albuquerque Area


Grabbing some popcorn, candy, and watching a movie is a family past time we will never tire of. As summer rolls around, most theaters in Albuquerque have something to offer for kids to get out of the heat and into their favorite movies these next few months.

If you want to have movie days at home, we asked our contributors their favorite kids’ movies of all time! Here are some more movies to show your kiddos:

Dena: There are too many favorite movies to choose from but my go-to’s were always Thumbelina, Fern Gully, and Anastasia. I think there’s something magical about tiny, mystical creatures!

Jade: Mulan–I loved that Mulan defied the normal. She wasn’t the “perfect lady,” and I felt that way growing up. I felt tough and related to Mulan in many ways.

Erin: I love The Lion King because it’s one of the only movies I remember going to see with my dad. I was so excited, but he fell asleep during it. I was mad but happy.

Fran: I would have to say The Lion King for sure. I would even say Lion King 2. After that would be Sleeping Beauty!

Felicia: Finding Nemo and The Parent Trap. Nemo was such an adorable movie about overcoming obstacles and sticking together when things get tough and scary. The Parent Trap was a great feel good, make you laugh flick.

Marybeth: So many good ones! I loved The Lion King (only partially for JTT) and would make my mom play the soundtrack everywhere. I now play it for my kids.

Guide to Summer Movies will be updated as more information becomes available. 

Thank you to Manzano Day School for sponsoring this Guide to Summer Movies.

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