Jade Hernandez

Jade is a momma to 3 bonus kiddos (2004, 2006, and 2009) and 2 of her own kiddos (2018, 2020). Her experience as a mom includes the teenage struggles, balancing parenting with other parents, being a single mom, being an Autism mom, and so much more. She’s not just a versatile mom; she helps people with their lives and businesses right from home as a freelancer to various clients. She excels at being an executive assistant but also knows the true realities of keeping the laundry and dishes clean.
Feeling Defeated as a Mom :: Doctor's Appointment Meltdown

Feeling Defeated as a Mom :: Doctor’s Appointment Meltdown

***This post discusses autism. At ABQ Mom, we seek to use whatever language reflects the inherent value of all people, and we also seek to honor the choices of the people within that community....
Guide to Tattoos

Inked: Mom’s Guide to Tattoos in Albuquerque

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? Or more tattoos if you already have some? I do! All the time. I might be a tattoo addict. Tattoo Addicts Anonymous meeting anyone? I have eight tattoos so...
Navigating Trauma While Being a Mom

My Journey of Healing from Sexual Assault as a Single Mom

***TRIGGER WARNING: This post discusses sexual assault (without any graphic descriptions). The writer shares her ongoing journey of healing from rape.*** I took nine pregnancy tests the first time I missed my period. The tests...