Top 5 Things to Do Around Albuquerque with Visitors


¡Bienvenido a Albuquerque! Welcome to Albuquerque!

Albuquerque has so much to offer that often goes unnoticed. Yes, a Netflix studio is here, we have concerts at the Amphitheater, and UNM Lobos games to watch. But what else would you want to show your friends from out of town? 

I would want to show them something that they can’t see or get anywhere else. With the holidays coming up and family and friends coming to town, here’s a list of the top five places that I would show off to non-Burqueños!

Something to See: The Crest/Sandia Peak Tramway

The Sandia Peak Tramway offers breathtaking views of the city from high above. It starts at the base of the Sandia Mountains and takes you to Sandia Peak. This is great with kiddos, and you have the option to get off at the top and explore.   

The drive to the Crest is equally awe-inspiring with winding roads and panoramic vistas. Tip: Bring a coat, as it can be colder at the summit than in the city! Kids enjoy this as well. They might get a little nap on the way up or down! 

Top 5 Things to Do Around Albuquerque with Out-Of-TownersSomething to Eat: Frontier Restaurant or Tia Betty Blue’s 

The Frontier Restaurant is a New Mexico tradition. It is located right across from UNM and has been around for over 50 years. It has five dining rooms that can seat over 300 people. While you are in the area, this is a must! And always know your answer to “Red, Green, or Christmas?” I always let my kiddos find the table while the other parent waits in line to order the food. It’s a little game that keeps them occupied since the place is huge. 

Tia Betty Blue’s is a delicious local hole-in-the-wall restaurant. They love to keep it real as everything is made fresh and everything is made New Mexican style. I love bringing the kiddos here and eating on the patio when there is a nice breeze. 

Something to Drink: Explore Local Breweries

Albuquerque boasts a variety of local breweries, each offering a unique experience. Sip on brews from Steel Bender, Bosque North, Marble, or La Cumbre. Consider trying a flight to sample a range of flavors. Remember to do this safely! Many of these places might work better for a kid-free night, but there are some breweries that are very kid-friendly.

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Something to Do: Meow Wolf or Balloon Fiesta

Located about an hour from Albuquerque, Meow Wolf is an unparalleled experience. Explore a creative, otherwordly house with a unique storyline. Highlights include walking through a fridge to another dimension and hanging out in a treehouse! Look out for sensory-friendly days and adult nights, too.

Top 5 Things to Do Around Albuquerque with Out-Of-TownersWho would I be if I didn’t mention the Balloon Fiesta? If your friends are visiting during the right time of year, don’t miss the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta! Experience early morning mass ascensions and night glows. Thousands gather from around the world to witness the colorful balloons and captivating light shows.

When bringing the kiddos, bring extra layers as it can get cooler in the mornings and evenings. Also, bring your own snacks and drinks, as those can get pretty expensive. Plan to be in traffic for hours just to park and get to the grounds. You don’t want to miss the exciting stuff while sitting in the car waiting to park. Overall, just have some fun while you are all looking at the sky. Don’t forget to take a picture with a balloon behind you! 

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Something for Free: Walk Around Historic Old Town Albuquerque

 Top 5 Things to Do Around Albuquerque with Out-Of-TownersThis is a town treasure. Just walking around and enjoying the heart of the city. Our Historic Old Town has museums, shops, galleries, restaurants, and gardens! If you’re lucky, you might get a free show at the gazebo in the center. Old Town was established in 1706 when Albuquerque was founded. So you could say this cute little part of town is important. I usually bring a stroller and just enjoy the seasonal festivities. 

Albuquerque has so much more to offer than meets the eye. Share these gems with your friends for an unforgettable experience in the Land of Enchantment!

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