Fun Murals to Check Out in Albuquerque


Albuquerque has so much to offer! We have beautiful weather, beautiful cotton candy sunsets, red and green chile, and colorful murals all around our city.

I drive through ABQ every single day and there are more amazing murals popping up all around town.

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These murals represent our history, our future, and our pride as Burqueños.

Here are some murals around Albuquerque photographed by me! (Please don’t judge my photography . . . I was driving around with my kiddos.) We found some they loved and some they don’t fully understand yet. We had a fun family day just looking for these all over town!

Location: 5801 Haines Ave NE

Artist: Cloud Face (Patrick Burnham)

Title: Flutter

Location: 100 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Artist: Thomas Christopher Haag

Title: Totem of Ancient Ones

Location: 608 Copper Ave NW Parking 

Artist: Mauricio Ramirez

Location: 111 6th St NW

Artist: Wemfer (Nazario Sandoval) and Tod Hebenstreit

Location: 608 Copper Ave NW Parking 

Artist: Mauricio Ramirez and Jaque Fragua

Location: 3123 Central Ave NE 

Artist: Victor Ving

Title: Greetings from BURQUE

Location: 315 Gold Ave SW

Artist: Benjamin Johnston

Title: Stay Gold

Location: 205 Silber Ave SW

Artist: Jessica Angel

Title: The Fall of the Ten Suns

Location: Coal Ave SE and Edith Blvd

Location: Coal Ave SE and Edith Blvd

Location: 724 Central Ave SE

Artist: Jodie Herrera

Title: Respect Reproductive Freedom

Location: 120 Jefferson St NE

Artist: Working Classroom

Title: Jardin de Historias

Location: 3905 Central Ave NE

Artist: Path One and Noé Barnett

Title: Tribute to Andrew

Location: 3907 Central Ave NE

Location: 3905 Central Ave NE

Location: 123 Central Ave SW

Artists: Kevin Zuckerman, Kathleen Sweeney, Rachel Popowcer, Mathew Lutz, and apprentices

Title: Echoes of the Future

Location: Coal Ave SE and Edith Blvd

Location: 748 Lead Ave SE

Location: 1039 San Mateo Blvd SE

Location: 416 Central Ave SW

Location: 618 Central Ave SW

Do you know of any murals we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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