ABQ Mom’s Seventh Anniversary :: Top 10 All-Time Posts


We can hardly believe it, but ABQ Mom is turning seven!

ABQ Mom was built on the desire to provide positive, helpful, and fun content for the mothers in this city written by the people who know best . . . other moms in this city! Over the past seven years, we’ve published over 1,500 blog posts just for our Albuquerque mamas.

We hoped to create a supportive and kind community that would ease the loneliness that so often accompanies motherhood. We’re so proud of our Community and Conversation Facebook Group where moms chat about almost anything–from recommendations for a great pediatrician or school to help with a parenting struggle.

ABQ Mom has grown into a community of over 11,000 Facebook followers and over 6,000 Instagram followers. We’re so grateful that Albuquerque moms turn to our local guides (we have more than 50!) for help when they are researching anything from schools to holiday events to travel.

Over the past seven years, we’ve shared a lot of posts that resonated with our readers. So in honor of our seventh birthday, we’d like to share our top all-time posts of ABQ Mom!

lip tie, ABQ Mom

Breastfeeding is hard. There are so many things that can make it harder. I wanted to give up. It was extremely painful- more painful than I’d expected. Everyone kept telling me to keep going because it was so worth it. But after five weeks of painful feedings, I knew something wasn’t right. I was getting desperate for relief and started doing some research.

life lessons from the movie cars, ABQ Moms

One of the favorite movies in our house is the Pixar movie, Cars. We have gleaned a few life lessons from Cars and its two sequels and wanted to share some of them with you.

Why We Don't Post Pictures on Vacation

It started as something my husband asked me not to do for safety reasons and quickly grew into a firm family rule. The rule is one I follow joyfully. And I plan to keep around when my kids are well into their teen years. It may sound silly. But today I would like to tell you why we don’t post pictures on vacation.

Why I’m Tired of All the Wine Mom Memes

First of all, this is not a judgment. I’ve sat on the sofa, trying to take deep breaths to calm my frustrations, doing the math to count the number of hours left until her bedtime and taken mental inventory of the available alcohol in my fridge and pantry. This is a confession from one mom to another, an epiphany shared between friends. I’m tired of wine mom memes.

Foster Care :: A Child’s Need for Attachment Outweighs My Fear of Loss

Little did I know those first few weeks I’d be told over and over again that “getting attached” was too hard, that “getting attached was not an option,” that “getting attached” was the main reason people would not foster.

Make a Paper Kite That Really Flies!

I recently took my kids to one of the Balloon Museum’s Stories in the Sky. And the theme that day was wind. If you haven’t done storytime at the museum with your kids, it’s an awesome free weekly activity! On this particular day, we listened to a couple of fun stories and poems, sang songs, and watched experiments surrounding the topic of wind. Then we were given materials to make our own paper kites. After we had our kites put together, we headed outside to try them out.

Why I Don't Drag My Husband Along, marriage

“Where is Abran?” If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this question, I’d be a millionaire, and, well, I’m not. Somewhere along the way, it became customary to carry your husband on your arm. A friend once told me, “Make him come with you. I make my husband; it’s not a choice.” I responded with, “I’d rather not. He is a grown man, and sometimes, I have more fun without having him there.”

Light of Friendship Ornament :: An Easy DIY Gift (Includes Printable)

I’m so excited to share the cutest “Light of Friendship Ornament” DIY with y’all! I don’t know about you, but this time of the year brings a lot of crazy and sometimes overwhelming things to accomplish. And who can forget the endless drainage of our bank accounts?

Why Kids Behave Worst for Their Moms

We expect those few key people to stick by us even if we are difficult. Our spouses–they vowed to love us ’til death do us part. Our mothers–they pretty much have to love us no matter what, right?

COVID-19 Care Packages, ABQ Mom

For three days we could hardly get out of bed. Shortly after, our kids developed symptoms. We were not prepared to be quarantined in our home for two weeks. Thankfully we had recently stocked up on food, but the food wasn’t our biggest worry. We had just run out of Children’s Motrin and did not have any symptom relief medicines at home. All of the items we tried to have delivered were out of stock and not available for delivery.

Enjoy browsing our most-read blog posts of all time. And thanks for being a part of our ABQ Mom community!

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Paige Pacini
Paige is a stay-at-home mom to three hilarious, energetic boys. In her pre-kid life, Paige worked as a licensed mental health counselor, but she shelved her empathetic listening and insightful questions to change diapers, race cars on the kitchen floor, and mediate toddler wrestling matches. While Paige loves to be there for (almost) every moment with her children, she also loves to get away and connect with other moms for dinner or a walk in the beautiful Albuquerque sun. Paige is married to her high-school sweetheart, Ben, and they work together to raise their three sons with lots of laughter and lots of love.