Embracing Mom Wrinkles :: An “Older” Mom’s Perspective of Gratitude


I gave birth to my last baby when I was on the cusp of 37 years old. Unfortunately, it was just before the term “advanced maternal age” had replaced the term “geriatric pregnancy,” so right off the bat, I started my role as a mother of two feeling a bit . . . old. 

I have no regrets about having my children in my thirties.

Waiting to have children allowed my husband and I to develop a strong relationship when we were younger . . . and, if I’m honest, travel, enjoy brewery festivals, and attend metal concerts blissfully child-free. It also allowed me to pursue my academic interests and establish a fulfilling career. By the time I became a mom, my life was tamer and more settled. I had developed a strong sense of who I am and worked hard to create a life l love.

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We’ve found ways to keep enjoying our favorite pre-parent activities.

We’ve mastered traveling with kids and have found family-friendly brewery patios. I’m looking forward to the day when my children ask me to take them to their first concert!  What I lack in energy that was more abundant in my 20s, I make up for with a depth of contentment and patience that simply didn’t exist for me back then.

Mom WrinklesBut I do have a few more wrinkles.

I was lamenting those wrinkles with my coworker who is also a mom, and she responded in a way that I will never forget. “My wrinkles used to bother me too,” she said, “but they mean I’m still here.” She explained that, sadly, a friend of hers, a fellow mom, had left this world before seeing her children grow into adults. Her story about embracing her wrinkles and seeing them as a badge of honor changed my perspective. 

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Not all moms have an opportunity to wear their wrinkles.

While I still treat myself to luxurious creams and enjoy a facial at the spa from time to time, now, when I notice new wrinkles, I feel gratitude.

This year I am turning 40 years old. I have two beautiful young sons. How lucky am I to have lived such an exciting, fulfilling life before my children, and to be here now, happy, healthy, and wrinkly, enjoying my babies every single day?

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