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As mothers, we often put our interests aside to care for our little ones. This is a good and normal thing. But I do believe that, on this journey of motherhood, it is also good and important to remember what makes us unique as individuals. What are things we are interested in? What are some hobbies we’d like to take up?

Some of those interests have always been there. Some may have just developed. And of course, some things will have to wait. But maybe we can pursue some of our interests now!

There are many benefits of having a hobby. Recently I started to pursue some interests more diligently and for good reasons. It is so fulfilling and beneficial to learn a particular skill or craft! Some provide a great outlet to have fun and relax. Others can be to bring happiness and joy to those around you. I hope sharing some of the interests I’ve pursued will encourage you to do the same!

Learn a New Languages


Sign language has been something I’ve wanted to learn since after high school. None of my immediate family members are deaf, but I believe it is important to know so you can communicate should the opportunity ever arise. It can even mean you meet new friends! After I had my first baby, I thought it would be a perfect time to learn and teach a few signs. Babies can learn how to sign before they speak, so I was committed. To my surprise, my firstborn learned the signs quickly. I continued this with all our children, but none caught on as quickly as the first. But our newest baby uses “milk” like crazy!

For a couple of years now, my sister-in-law has invited a couple of her friends to Christmas dinner. They are a deaf couple. This has further encouraged my desire to learn. So, I asked her friend if she would meet up with me to help me learn. She agreed, and we just need to set up some meetings! A fellow ABQ Mom Contributor also speaks ASL as her second language and has kindly invited me to spend time with her and her friends and has given me some tips!

I have a helpful book that I’ve studied off and on. I also recently began to follow a lot of people on social media platforms and watch a lot of YouTube videos as well as downloading apps that can help me learn ASL.

Reconnect with Your Native Language

My husband and I have different backgrounds but similar stories. We both grew up in homes where our parents and grandparents spoke our native language, but it got lost in our generation, mainly due to the pressures of our generation to know English for school. I didn’t learn how to speak Spanish fluently, and he didn’t learn to speak Navajo fluently. It is easier to learn a language from a young age. But I’m not going to let that stop me from giving it a try now!

I can meet up with family, and they would be happy to converse! Being a busy mom though, I usually don’t have a lot of time to meet up. So, for now, I’m trying to teach our children the little bit that I do know and then learn new words or phrases and put them to use in our home. I’m sure it will be a lifetime learning journey. They say the best way to learn a new language is to be fully immersed in the culture. I can’t travel anytime soon, but for those of you who can, do it!

Face Painting

I don’t know when my interest in face painting began, but I know it would always capture my attention at an event. I’m not an artist, but I doodle and I love paint nights–and I would love to learn this skill. Recently, I joined some Facebook groups and also started following some local and non-local face painters.

Why not reach out to one in my area? I did just that! And I’m so grateful Jessie from Local Locas Facepainting was kind enough to meet with me and answer all my questions. Although she does have an art degree, she stumbled into face painting after meeting someone at an event. She got hands-on experience right away and has been doing face painting on the side ever since. Now she has her own business! She and I share the sentiment that face painting is something you do because it brings you joy by being able to bring joy to others, especially children. We had a great time talking and I also got to practice on some face boards. I’m so thankful for her support and encouragement to pursue this skill. The ball is rolling!

After a little research, I put together a wish list of items I would need. I narrowed it down to what I would need to get started and start practicing. I have five faces I can practice on at home too! I’m thankful that I could spend a little money and my Amazon order finally arrived. I’ve already begun to use my models, and they are very happy. I’m also starting off slow with some stencils. Since I began writing this, I’ve had opportunities to practice at a birthday party and at our school group!


I first picked up a crochet hook at about 12 years old. I’m sad that I don’t recall who first took the time to teach me, but I’m so grateful! I laid down my hook and first project only to find it years later and be inspired once again. I decided to learn how to knit. I’ve had lovely women teach me things and friends to learn beside. YouTube has also been there for me. There are so many great accounts to follow. There are quick videos that are a few seconds to minutes long or longer tutorials. You can easily find accounts on all social media platforms. Some of my goals would be to knit or crochet a sweater, stuffed animal, and a large blanket someday.

12 years ago!

Who knows where a skill like this can go? Many people love to buy handmade crocheted and knitted items. But for now, I do it because it is a great outlet. It helps me keep calm and focus on something quiet for a little while. I’ve made all my children something and a few things for friends. This has led to the desire to learn other handicrafts such as embroidery and cross stitch.

Maybe you can pursue some of your interests now!

I hope sharing my journey of pursuing some of my interests has reminded you of some of yours and you now have a little extra encouragement to do the same. There are some interests/hobbies you can do now, and for some, this may not be the right time.

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For me, I’d love to pursue gardening and chickens but I’m not able to take that one right now because we have a lot of yard work to accomplish first. I have BIGGER bucket list items that I want to pursue someday like those trips you want to take and explore a new country. Ireland for me! I have to wait a long while yet for that.

Tips to make your interests a reality:

  1. Try to implement your interests WITH your family and friends.
  2. Find people who have the same interests or those who can help you learn and meet up!
  3. Look for resources that can help you – books, social media, etc.
  4. Spend a little money on those things that will help you with a particular skill.
  5. Think of opportunities to put your new skills to use to get you more experience.
  6. Discover ways you can incorporate your interests in the lives of those around you.
  7. Think of how your interests may be able to bring in a little extra income. Either way, make sure you are always having FUN and ENJOYING it!

 ABC list of interests and hobbies to spark your interest:

  1. Applique
  2. Baking
  3. Camping in the Gila Wilderness
  4. Dance
  5. Exercise
  6. Fly Fishing
  7. Geocaching
  8. Horse Back Riding in the Bosque
  9. Instruments
  10. Jewelry Making
  11. Karate
  12. Languages
  13. Music
  14. Needlework
  15. Origami
  16. Painting a Sunset
  17. Quilting
  18. Roller Skating at Skate-O-Mania
  19. Swimming
  20. Traveling
  21. Upholstery
  22. Visiting Friends
  23. Writing a Children’s Book
  24. X-Stitch
  25. Yarn Art
  26. Ziplining

We are unique, mamas! Enjoy pursuing those interests that make you you. Please share with us what those are!

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