5 Fun Places to Take Photos of Kids in the 505


My most treasured possessions are pictures of my kids. Even the pictures that are on my phone, yet to be downloaded or added to a photo book, are worth more than gold to me. I love them. And I wish that I could afford to get professional photos taken at every birthday, holiday, and each milestone. But since money doesn’t grow on trees and scheduling family photos can sometimes require an act of Congress, I’ve taken to taking my own pictures. I like to call myself a DIY photographer. Why pay someone to do something that I could probably figure out on my own?

As a DIY photographer, I’ve had to get a little creative when it comes to taking photos of my kids. I’ve found that one of the most important things is a good location. Somewhere that is easy to get to, is safe for kids, and looks awesome in a photo. And since I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to do things herself, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite photos from some of my favorite places in the 505 to share with you today.

(Please note: we call the East side home so most of these locations are on that side of town. If you have a fave place in other parts of the metro, let us know!)

5 Fun Places to Take Photos of Kids in the 505

The Foothills

The Elena Gallegos Open Space has been my favorite place to take photos so far. It’s at the end of Simms Park Road and has lovely mountain and city views. The lighting is best just before sunset. It costs $1 per car ($2 on weekends), so don’t forget some cash and some fun props too since it’s mostly just desert up there.

Best Places to take Photos of Kids in Albuquerque

The Robert Hoover Dam (aka the Breaking Bad Dam)

This is always an eye-catcher even if you’re not looking to take photos. You can park in the dirt parking lot on Juan Tabo and either climb the dam or take the trail just to the north of it to get to the top. The dam faces west and is shaded early in the morning. It’s also lovely in the evening just before sunset.5 Fun Places to Take Photos of Kids in the 505

Telephone Booth Outside of Hello Deli

Who doesn’t love something old and iconic for photos? I have several different photos of my kids in and around this booth from over the years. There’s also a cute red bridge just behind the restaurant surrounded by big beautiful trees. As with most places, the lighting is best early in the morning or just before sunset.  5 Fun Places to Take Photos of Kids in the 505

5 Fun Places to Take Photos of Kids in the 505

The phone booth and bridge are located in the Market Place at Journal Center off Jefferson and Sun Ave.

ABQ BioPark

The BioPark is a beautiful place and there are thousands of different options for photos. From the wooded barn to the Japanese Gardens, you’re sure to find a good spot. And if you have a membership, which I would recommend, it’s a wonderful, practically free outing. I think any time of day would be good for taking photos at the BioPark.

Juan Tabo Public Library Tile Wall

Kill two birds with one stone here. Load up on free books and capture a fun photo! This wall faces east so photos in the afternoon when the wall is shaded are the best.

Where is your favorite place to take photos in Albuquerque?

Originally published September 2018.

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