6 Tips For Starting Your Garden This Year


My favorite time of year is spring. I love seeing the change in weather. The air smells a little different and the sun feels a little warmer.

One thing I love to do is to garden. It’s my go to hands on therapy. There is just something about getting my hands dirty and the smell of fresh soil.

tips for garden, AlbuquerqueWhat got me interested in gardening was my mom. As a kid I remember her waking up early in the spring and summer to tend to her garden. As I got older, I could not wait to have a garden of my own.

When I met my husband, his dad had a passion for gardening. He knows his stuff and has been helpful in teaching me and my kids the dos and don’ts when it comes to plants.

Here are some tips to help your garden thrive:

Garden Essentials

1. Plan your garden out.

Know what plants you want to plant. Read up on your plant. I like to look at the packaging or the tags on plants. Those will have information on when to plant, if the plant needs full sun or partial sun, and how much to water or not to water. Also, look at your landscape and find the best spot for your plants to thrive.

2. Prepare your soil.

Make sure your soil is light, fluffy, and stays moisturized. It needs to drain well. There are different kinds of soils. I have learned to mix my soil. I buy one regular type of soil and a compost soil. If you already have soil, add fresh soil. 

3.Seed vs Seedling.

Planting seeds may be the easiest and may take more time. However, transplanting plants is ok too. 

4. Do Not Water at the hottest time of day. 

If you water at the hottest time of day, your plants will burn. Do not wet the leaves until the evening time when the sun goes down. Water plants at soil base. 

5. Styrofoam vs Cardboard for starting plants.

Both work well for germinating and growing seeds. Make sure to create holes for proper drainage. You can also start with toilet paper or paper towel rolls. (Cut two one- to two-inch slits opposite of one another, fold, and add soil and seed.) 

6. Ceramic pots, plastic pots, raised garden beds, ground beds, etc.

If you get creative you can plant in a variety of ways. I always think of the movie “WALL-E” where the plant is sprouting out of a shoe. I’ve used big barrel planters and ceramic pots. However this year, I’ll be trying something new. Along with my big barrel planters, I’ll be planting in a kiddy pool. I’ll make sure to create proper drainage and hope for the best this year. If your pot does not have proper drainage, your plant can rot.

Common Mistakes:

-Planting in poor soil

-Not tending to the plants on a daily basis.

-Too much or not enough water, depending on the plant.

Let your kids help.

Kids making seedlings.

If you have old ceramic pots, have them make an art activity out of it. Last year during quarantine we painted ceramic pots, made a rock garden, and searched for tinkers to add to the soil just for fun. You can also make a fairy garden with your kiddos and it will help encourage imagination. 

Enjoy your garden this year!

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6 Tips for Starting Your Garden