Meghan Cheshire

Meghan Cheshire
Born in the Texan Panhandle, but raised in Albuquerque, Meghan considers herself to be (mostly) New Mexican now. She enjoys all the coffee this life has to offer and is a mom to 2 littles who keep her running all day. She enjoys working out, writing, reading, and laughing. Meghan has been married to her firefighter husband for 6 years. She is a special education teacher and has a passion for watching students learn. She believes in leaving people and places better than you find them.
Hey Momma, Don't Stop the Invite

Hey Momma, Don’t Stop the Invite

Hey Momma! Yeah, you scrolling through your phone ignoring the dishes and waiting on coffee to brew. Don't stop the invite. It's easy to give up reaching out to your mom tribe, especially when you...
Autism and Disabilities

How to Talk to Your Kids About Autism & Disabilities

Autism reminds me of a rainbow. No two colors are the exact same shade. It would be difficult to find a person on the planet who doesn't find beauty in a rainbow. No two...

Date Nights & Motherhood, Oh My!

If you're anything like me, once you became a mom, your priorities began to shift. You knew the details of groceries, diapers, appointments, and episodes of your children's favorite TV shows. When you finally...
From One Baby to Two :: Becoming a Mom Again from Albuquerque Moms Blog

From One Baby to Two :: Becoming a Mom Again

When a first baby makes his or her appearance, we do all the things we can as moms. We buy the best of the best, sanitize all the surfaces, buy the most expensive car...
The Onesie :: Memories & Motherhood from Albuquerque Moms Blog

The Onesie :: Memories & Motherhood

The newborn onesie adorned with little hearts stared at me from the pile of clothes needing to be sorted for a mommy consignment sale. It triggered a flash of memories in my mind: your new...

The Insecurity Monster in Motherhood and How to Tame It

The monster is lurking around every corner, it's face is revealed all over social media. It is ever present in conversations with other mothers. It leaves you feeling guilty that you can't do all...
Surviving Black Friday from Albuquerque Moms Blog

Surviving Black Friday Shopping :: Sanity Saving Tips

Once upon a cold Black Friday, I decided to venture out to shop in spite of my baby bump. I bundled up and waited in the lines that seemed to look more like a...

Waging War on the Jiggle :: Getting My Fitness Back After Baby

My five-year-old recently asked me if I was having another baby. (I'm not.) Better he than a stranger or a friend, right?  I decided right then and there, it was time to get back to the...