Chores for Toddlers :: Make It Fun!


At what age do you finally decide to let your children help you around the house? Or to get a few simple things done with their help? The truth is that you can start as soon or as early as you wish. It’s up to you.

Instead of thinking of chores as work, think of them as a fun learning experience for your children. It also helps you out. Children will learn by routine what needs to be done each night before bedtime. Children will become responsible and confident in themselves. And most importantly, children will have fun.

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What makes this even more helpful is having older siblings help by being an example, showing right from wrong, and lending a hand. They may even have other ideas to incorporate chores and fun.

Chores for Toddlers :: Make It Fun!Here are a few simple chores that can be done by toddlers:

  • Moving laundry from the washer to the dryer
  • Wiping down toys and tables with a baby wipe
  • Wiping down walls and cabinet doors with a clean sponge
  • Putting finished plates, cups, and silverware in the sink after eating
  • Loading the dishwasher with small cups and silverware
  • Feeding and watering the pets
  • Watering the plants in or outside the home
  • Put clothes in the laundry basket

These chores can be turned into a game of fun and learning:

  • When the dishwasher is done, your children can hand you silverware or dishes one at a time. Name each one as you put them away. This gives them an idea of what it is and where it goes.
  • This may also become a game of sorting out the forks from the spoons and putting them in the right place.
  • After you change your children’s diapers, you could have them throw their diapers into the trashcan for a short game of basketball.
  • While you are doing the dishes, have your children use a step stool to stand beside you and “help” with the dishes.
  • Right before bedtime, your children can play a quick game of who can throw the most toys in the toy bin. This gets the bedroom and/or living room clean for the night.

Here are a few chores that may require safety precautions and tiny muscles from your children:

  • Helping with baking means having a clean surface, working with clean hands, and knowing the safety of heat and the oven. An apron and kids baking utensils makes it especially fun.
  • Your children may also want their own set of cleaning supplies including a broom, dustpan, and mop. This would be a great time to show them how to use it properly.
  • Emptying the smaller trash cans around the house to the big trash can. But also remember to wash your hands with soap afterward.
  • Have them help by chopping soft food or bread for meals. A kid-safe Kitchen Knife Set is a must for this chore! Here is an Amazon link for a safe and easy Wooden Kitchen Knife Set.
  • Some children really benefit from with visual learning. You can use picture labeling to help children put their toys or clothes away. I picked these picture labels up for my own home.

I hope this list has given many families a chance to find new and creative ways to have a helping hand at home. Your children will enjoy it especially if you look for ways to make it fun!

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