Parenting and Food Allergies with Jessie Kileen :: NM Momcast | Episode 5


We are all affected by food allergies in one way or another. Whether you are navigating this for your own child, or have friends or classmates that have allergy concerns, it’s something that we encounter regularly. On this episode of New Mexico Momcast, Jessie Kileen of Grassburger joins us. She is passionate about food advocacy, allergies, and nutrition, and this is such an informative chat.

Jessie Kileen started Grassburger in Durango in 2014 with her partner and husband Ed. They opened their first Albuquerque location in 2016 and the second ABQ location in 2019. Prior to opening the restaurants, she did gallery, museum and advertising work, freelance photography, and raised three sons.  Her journey and interest in food integrity began with the birth of her oldest son. He was very ill and developed lifelong food allergies and auto-immune system issues. This changed how Jessie looked at food and farming, which then heavily influenced the mission of Grassburger.

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About This Episode’s Sponsor

Grassburger has a mission of making the American experience of eating a burger and fries ethical, sustainable, nutritious, and delicious! They’ve won best burger and fries in the city year after year so we know they are succeeding in that mission. But most importantly, they have given the experience of a burger and fries to kids and adults that couldn’t safely eat elsewhere.

If you or your kiddos have allergies or if you want to try a healthier, sustainably sourced burger, check out Grassburger! They also have great vegan options, bowls, ice cream shakes, non-dairy shakes, and the best fries! Grassburger has grown to four locations in Albuquerque and Durango. In Albuquerque, you can visit their location in the Northeast Heights or on the West Side. If you are visiting Durango and craving a Grassburger, check out their Downtown location or their Durango south location.

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