Marlina McCall, Kid’s Therapist and School Counselor :: NM Momcast || Episode 17


In celebration of Mental Health March, we’re having a crucial conversation about our children’s well-being. Join us as we sit down with Marlina McCall, a seasoned kids’ therapist and school counselor, to explore effective ways to support our children’s mental health. From recognizing early signs of distress to nurturing resilience, Marlina shares invaluable insights and practical strategies for parents navigating the complexities of childhood emotions. Tune in to gain empowering knowledge on how we can help our kids thrive emotionally.

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It’s no secret that this motherhood journey is unique. And having people to turn to, talk to, and share experiences with can make all the difference in the world. If you’re new to the area, new to being a mom, or just want a way to connect with others close to where you live, join one of ABQ Mom’s groups.

ABQ Mom’s Community & Conversation Group is an online (private) Facebook group that allows moms to connect, ask questions (mommy or non-mommy related), discuss local happenings, and attend events like playdates and meet-ups.

We also have a very active book club and a fitness group.

For moms not on Facebook, there’s an email list to keep them up-to-date on all the event dates and locations.

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