An Albuquerque Hidden Gem: Electric Playhouse

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For my daughter’s post-pandemic 10th birthday party, she wanted to invite everyone she knows. I am not exaggerating. We had a backyard full of at least thirty little girls. It was a blast and we have some great memories, but it was also really overwhelming. She felt torn between different groups of friends from different areas of her life who didn’t really know each other. Not to mention, it was a ton of work for me because it was at my house.

So when her 11th birthday recently came around, I recommended choosing a couple of friends to go do something fun. She gladly accepted. And after lots of back and forth, we opted for Electric Playhouse and were so glad we did. We had a great time!

Electric Playhouse is a 20,000-square-foot facility that features motion-activated, state-of-the-art interactivity. The walls and floors light up and respond to your touch and motion. It provides a new way to play with immersive experiences including games, dining, and special events for all ages.

As a parent, I was pleasantly surprised with a few aspects of Electric Playhouse.

An Albuquerque Hidden Gem: Electric PlayhouseFirst of all, it’s an experience that encourages movement (exercise in disguise).

It’s way different from simply watching a movie or going out to eat. Kids and grown-ups alike have to be active to experience the fun. Kick a ball of light to each other. Jump over a moving bar of light or you’re out! Wave your arms over the walls to make the ocean move. Everyone at Electic Playhouse is moving their bodies.

Secondly, it’s not as overwhelming as I expected it to be.

My daughter and I both struggle with sensory experiences, particularly sound. Anytime we plan to go to an arcade (or a similar venue), I have to brace myself for sensory overload and be ready to take some deep breaths. Sometimes I even bring ear plugs.

While there are a lot of visual and auditory experiences throughout Electic Playhouse, the volume is at a sensible level and there are darker, calmer spaces to regroup. I had expected to be completely overwhelmed, but for me, the experience was pleasant.

I was also happy that even though we went on a weekend, it was not very crowded. Electric Playhouse sells tickets in advance to control the number of people in the building, which makes for an enjoyable experience for everyone.

An Albuquerque Hidden Gem: Electric PlayhouseI loved the unstructured playtime that you get with general admission. But there are other options available at Electric Playhouse.

Birthday parties: During a birthday party at Electric Playhouse, you and your guests eat first in a private, interactive, and immersive dining room. The table and walls light up and respond to motion. Plus there are many themes to choose from. No need to decorate. And of course, no need to clean up. After the private celebration, the birthday kiddo and all their friends get 90 minutes of playtime in the immersive, interactive area of the facility.

Cafe & bar offerings: After (or during) playtime, make sure to take advantage of Electric Playhouse’s delicious cafe and bar offerings. There’s an area to sit, sip, and enjoy while the kids play. I noticed a cucumber cocktail on the menu that I have to go back and try at some point. And there are yummy mocktails too!

Events: Make sure to follow Electric Playhouse on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date on their latest special events. They provide immersive fine dining experiences that are culinary journeys in a visual environment that compliments the food. These would make a fun date night or evening out with friends.

birthday party at Electric Playhouse


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