Hey Momma, Don’t Stop the Invite


Hey Momma! Yeah, you scrolling through your phone ignoring the dishes and waiting on coffee to brew. Don’t stop the invite. It’s easy to give up reaching out to your mom tribe, especially when you feel you’re the only one doing the inviting. Keep inviting.

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Invite and don’t stop. One of your momma friends might be on the other side of that text feeling lonely in the wilderness that is often motherhood. Your invite could be the reason she has a reason to smile today. Your text, your call, your invite is a symbol of friendship.

When I became a mom, I felt lost in the diapers, cartoons, and crumbs sticking to the bottom of my feet. The last thing I felt like doing was going out and being in the presence of another mother who seemed to have it all together. My hair was in a messy bun and probably had some breast milk in it, if I’m being honest.

Going out and being in the presence of another mom who I could have a conversation with warmed my heart. It gave every fiber of my body new life. I felt cheerful, revived, and that I could handle another day of being a mom. Swallow your pride, make some more coffee, and invite a friend over. After these experiences, it reminded me that it doesn’t matter who does the inviting. Keep doing it because it’s good for everyone involved.

Between busy schedules, kids, work, and other important dates, it’s so easy to put invitations to the side and forget to reach out. Don’t stop the invite because you never know who needed it that day.

When I was on the receiving end of that invite text, it was a comfort to know the mom tribe does exist, and they wanted me to feel included. Isn’t it amazing something as simple as a text can do that? Keep the invites coming.

That’s what your invite does. It reminds another mom that they are remembered, included, and loved.

Originally published April 2019.

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