Tips and Tricks for the Best DIY Easter Baskets


Easter baskets are a beloved tradition for many families. Children everywhere look forward to the goodies left by our favorite bunny. Premade store-bought baskets are readily available. However, these baskets are usually filled with easily breakable toys and very little candy. Also, they tend to cost more than they are worth. Why not hop into the holiday this year with an easy DIY Easter basket?

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There are many benefits to making your own basket.

First, you can personalize it to the child’s age and interests. Plus, have you ever noticed that there are not a lot of “Baby’s First” baskets? Or, baskets appropriate for teenagers? Babies won’t know what is going on, but teens love goodies just as much as when they were ten.

DIY Easter Baskets                                       DIY Easter Baskets

Secondly, you determine the treats that are in the basket. Some kids don’t care for sugary sweets. Others prefer sour candies to chocolate. Then there are those that are a little bougie, like mine. You know, the ones with the Godiva taste on a Palmer’s budget. Also, you can decide to forgo the sweets entirely. You can fill the basket with healthy snacks or no food at all. Just blame the bunny.

DIY Easter Baskets

You get more bang for your buck with homemade baskets. The average basket costs about $20. This usually includes a couple of plastic toys and a few pieces of candy. You can easily create a basket with $20 and fill it with twice as many goodies. Both of these baskets cost less than $15 to make.


Homemade baskets add an extra touch of love.

Creating a unique basket for your loved one adds a personal touch. It is also a satisfying feeling to see your child’s face beam with excitement at all the goodies you took great care in selecting.

First things first.

Before you create your basket, you should determine what type of basket you want to make. Easter baskets can be fun, functional, traditional, or sophisticated. I tend to do fun baskets for my younger kids and functional for my older ones. (My teenager is totally getting a laundry basket filled with socks and hangers this year.)

Next, you want to choose a basket. There are inexpensive baskets that cost less than $2. (Thank you, Dollar Tree.) Or you can opt to spend a few more dollars for a sturdier basket. The benefit of a stronger basket is that it can last several years. My oldest still uses the $8 basket I purchased four years ago.

You can also make a basket out of fabric, yarn, or paper. If you lack that type of creative talent but are clever, you can turn a lot of everyday items into a basket (e.g., a laundry basket.

DIY Easter Baskets

Now, the fun part.

My favorite part of the DIY Easter basket is filling it up. Some people may find this part challenging, especially if not doing a themed-based basket. Luckily, you can use a lot of the same goodies used to fill Christmas stockings as basket fillers. Take a look at this post here if you need some ideas.

Finally, have fun!

There is a DIY Easter basket for every skill level and budget. I hope I was able to give you some inspiration, whether it’s your first DIY basket or you are a pro.

I am egg-cited to see what you created. Please share a pic of your masterpiece with me.

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