So, I've known my whole life that I was adopted.  I was never sat down, as you see in Lifetime movies, and had a bomb dropped on me about being adopted.  I never looked at pictures of family and...
March is National Reading Month, a time for parents and children alike to appreciate the written word. Books enrich our lives and help us learn lessons in a way that is subtle, organic, and effective. Before staying at home, I...
On a cold January morning, my son initiated me into parenthood with a very fast and painful birth. In between pushes, I glanced out the window to notice snow falling. It looked so peaceful, so calm. As though the...

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3 Toddler-Friendly Hiking Trails the Whole Family Will Love

Toddlers. They can make or break a family outing. The best way to set your family adventure up for success is to choose locations...
Moving Guide: Santa Fe

Moving Guide: Santa Fe