Why Montessori Learning Might Be a Good Fit for You

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Choosing the right school for your child is a major decision. I personally have gone down many rabbit holes and often feel more confused by the end of my internet searches. There are so many great schooling options that many people don’t know where to start. I am here to help!

I have heard about Montessori schools for as long as I can remember. But what are they? How do they compare to a traditional school? Could they be a great fit for your child? Let’s dive in!

Montessori ONE Preschool Academy

The Montessori Method is a holistic approach to education where the whole child’s needs and interests are considered and equally valued.

According to this method, when children learn through experience, it encourages a deeper understanding of the material. It is holistic, meaning that each child is considered as a whole. This takes into account the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and aesthetic needs and interests of the child and recognizes that they are equally important.

Montessori schools have a universal set of values. They encourage respect and caring attitudes for others, the environment, and all life, including oneself.

Montessori schools have mixed age classes.

A mixed age class encourages cooperative learning and leadership development, among other things.

They also have a prepared learning environment. They believe that learning is more than just the materials provided, but their entire environment which includes practical life skills. Montessori learning encourages freedom within limits and watches students increase their knowledge through collaboration. Students learn at their own pace and are not hindered by grade-level curriculum. They move onto the next level upon demonstrating readiness to do so.

Montessori ONE Academy is the only school in Albuquerque certified by the Association Montessori International. Their programs serve infants, preschoolers, and elementary school students, allowing them to build a strong foundation. Children at Montessori ONE are encouraged to develop and learn at their own pace by using their natural curiosity.

Students are not hindered by grade level curriculum, and they learn that school is fun and exciting.

Montessori ONE also has summer programs, before and after school care, and on-campus extracurricular activities. Montessori ONE provides the best possible education to your little learners and sets them up for success. As a parent, what’s not to love?

If this sounds like a great fit for you and your littles, I would encourage you to schedule a tour and check out all of the incredible things that Montessori ONE has to offer.


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