Taylor Drob

Taylor Drob was born and raised in ABQ and is the owner of her own business, Taylor.D Socials. She specializes in branding, event planning, and social media marketing. She is extremely passionate about connecting & supporting the small business community of NM and finds joy in planning events for the local community. Taylor is currently expecting her first child, due August 2023, and is incredibly excited to be a mother. She already has lots of experience "momming" her twin nieces for the past ten years and has loved being an Auntie to them. Taylor is honored to be a part of the ABQ Mom team and can't wait to share all of the parts of motherhood, good and bad.
The First-Time Mom's Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bag

The First-Time Mom’s Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bag

Becoming a mom is one of the most life-changing things you will ever go through and preparing for it can almost feel impossible when you have no idea what you're about to experience. Trust me...