Stay-in-Touch Cards for Kids at the End of the School Year


Stay in Touch Cards for Kids

Yassss! The end of the school year is upon us! I’m sharing a super cute, printable Stay-in-Touch Cards for Kids, sure to make their summer sparkle a little brighter. Gone are the late nights of homework, evening sports practices, and school functions. YAH! We get to look forward to SUMMERTIME! Warm weather, water activities, and yup . . . kids home all day! That makes me cringe a little just saying it. Not that I don’t love it when they are home; it can just be a little difficult making sure the kids don’t turn into couch potatoes.

Stay in Touch Cards for Kids

Stay-in-Touch Cards for Motivation . . .

It is so much fun when the phone rings and it’s one of my girls’ friends on the other end. (These Stay-in-Touch Cards for Kids really work!) A phone call or a play date kind of breaks up the monotony of our summer plans. Let me tell you, these little cards have saved me so much time and energy trying to find the other moms on social media. Plus, my girls say they feel “fancy” handing out their own “business cards.”

What are you waiting for, mamas?

Let’s save you a little time and the hassle of writing all those numbers down. Just print Stay-in-Touch Cards for Kids, let your little sign his or her name, write your number, and hand them out. Easy peasy, right?!  As my daughter would say, “Let’s have an EPIC summer, mom!”

I hope your summer is as EPIC as ours.

P.S. For a little extra summer inspo, check out this cute summer tent tutorial.

Originally published May 2019.

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