Start Summer Well :: A Teacher/Mom’s End of the School Year Tips


If you’ve got Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out for Summer” scrolling through your head, I am right there with you! I can’t wait to run barefoot through the grass and lounge lazily in the backyard watching my kids splash in mud puddles.

Start Summer Well :: A Teacher/Mom's Tips for the End of the School Year

Before you let the school doors swing shut behind you, here are a few things to consider.

Does your child have any leftover school supplies that should be saved for next fall?

Not all teachers send home leftover supplies. It’s worth asking them about. Don’t spend $80 per child for beginning of year supplies in August. Try to gather what you can now and set it aside. Your kiddo probably won’t need brand new scissors or zipper pockets for their binder. Make it a point to organize and save school supplies now.

Does your child have workbooks, journals, or books to read and work on over the summer?

Most school programs purchase some type of workbook for students. Then they don’t have enough time during the school day to do every page. Something else parents often seem surprised by is that students are expected to make growth in reading and math over the summer. It is a great idea to set up some type of schedule for learning for your child to help them continue growing and not fall behind. If your child’s teacher can send unfinished workbooks or at least a reading level for you to work with, then you can get started in the right spot.

Make plans!

Don’t allow your child to sit around and play video games all summer while you work. There are many opportunities for children to be part of summer camps and activities in the Albuquerque area. Do a little research and find something that fits your family’s needs. At the very least, make sure you have the contact information for at least one of your child’s friends. Then you can set up a play date to keep them in touch over the summer.

Give your child’s teacher a THANK YOU.

Whether you have loved them every day of the school year or not, they have provided structure, an environment for growth, and have kept your child safe this school year. Let them know you appreciate their efforts. Your words and kindness might be just what they need to help them come back and be amazing next year.

Let us know how you start summer well.

Originally published May 2018.

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