Printable Lunch Notes for Your Littles


Kids LOVE notes!

I don’t know about your kids, but mine absolutely love getting a note from mom during their long day at school. Lunch notes can encourage them and can also remind them that you are thinking of them while they are gone. Lunch notes can brighten their day especially if they have had something hard happen in the morning. My daughter says she feels like she is talking to me when I leave her a note, and she loves that!

Kinds of Lunch Notes

Obviously, there are many different ways you can do lunch notes. You can be elaborate and creative, or you can simply add a sticky note to her sandwich box. Here are a few different ways I like to do notes for my kids.

  1. Jokes. My son absolutely loves this kind. He is my silly, joking, kinda class clown kid, and he loves a good joke. Jokes can brighten their day and bring a fun giggle to their lunch time.
  2. Encouraging words. Often, I like to use a Bible verse that they are familiar with to help encourage them. You can also use positive affirmations or thoughts that come from your own heart.
  3. Reminders of love. This one is my favorite. Sometimes I wonder if I say it enough to them. This is a great way to remind them that I love them!
  4. Reminders for practical things. My kids often forget if they need to ask a teacher about something. Leaving a note in their lunch is a great way to help them remember!

Printable to Help You Start

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Download the PDF of these here: lunch notes.

Lunch Notes for Yourself

When I have a really busy week or something hard or stressful in my life, I like to put lunch note reminders in my own lunch. I know this sounds a little silly, but they can really help boost your mood just like they do your little ones! These can be simple reminders for myself to keep a positive attitude. They may say, “Don’t complain today, but instead focus on what you are thankful for.” Or “Remember to encourage and compliment others.” Or “Don’t stress about the small things.” They may also be an actual reminder for me to do something like make a phone call or schedule an appointment. Lunch notes don’t need to be just for kids!

All of us need an encouraging word from time to time.

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Originally published August 2019.

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