How a Dyslexia Reading Program Transformed My Child’s Life

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Every parent dreams of seeing their child thrive in school, but what happens when learning becomes a daily struggle? For me, this nightmare became a reality when my middle child began to falter in reading and writing despite being bright and curious. Phonics programs only seemed to exacerbate his difficulties, leaving us feeling lost and frustrated.

But our journey took a transformative turn when we discovered the Davis Reading Program. Here’s our story of resilience, hope, and the incredible power of unlocking dyslexic superpowers.

The Beginning: A Bright Child in Crisis

Before my son entered public school, he was full of life and curiosity. However, as he began learning to read and write, everything changed. Phonics, once a foundational tool for literacy, became a source of torment. While he could tackle large words like “encyclopedia,” simple ones like “and” and “the” left him floundering. Handwriting was another uphill battle. Despite our concerns, the public school system refused to test him for a learning disability, claiming he wasn’t “low enough.” Frustration and helplessness threatened to overwhelm us, especially as I witnessed my son begin to hate school, refuse to read, and claim to be sick every day.

How a Davis Dyslexia Reading Program Transformed My Child's Life

A Beacon of Hope: Discovering the Davis Dyslexia Reading Program

Desperate for answers, a friend recommended the book, “The Gift of Dyslexia” by Ronald D. Davis. As I delved into its pages, I was astonished to find my son’s struggles mirrored within. Dyslexia was not merely about reversing letters—it encompassed a spectrum of challenges that traditional education failed to address adequately. (You can view the 37 common characteristics of Dyslexia here.)

Determined to help my son, I sought out a Davis facilitator. Despite the distance and costs involved, I knew it was a journey worth undertaking. The program promised an intensive, multisensory approach aimed at resolving perceptual issues and fostering reading fluency, comprehension, and attention.

How a Davis Dyslexia Reading Program Transformed My Child's LifeThe Transformation: From Struggle to Success

During the five-day program, my son underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. With the guidance of a Davis facilitator, he learned to deactivate the confusion that plagued his reading and writing processes. No longer did he grapple with the agony of phonics. Instead, he embraced the ease of the new reading strategies. He also learned Symbol Mastery, a tactile method that brought clarity to previously elusive words like “the” and “and.” By the program’s end, my son had soared three grade levels in reading and reclaimed his confidence.

Witnessing his renewed zest for learning was nothing short of miraculous. Inspired by our success, I resolved to bring the Davis programs to New Mexico, becoming a licensed facilitator myself.

Empowering Others: Sharing the Gift of Dyslexia

Today, I work with individuals, diagnosed or not, with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, dysgraphia executive functioning issues, and Autism. The Davis Programs aren’t limited to those with official diagnoses. Anyone grappling with reading, math, handwriting, attention, or social issues can benefit. To parents navigating the turbulent waters of dyslexia, I offer a beacon of hope. Our journey, marked by struggles and setbacks, ultimately led to a triumphant transformation. The Davis Methods Reading Program isn’t just a remedy, it’s a lifeline for those drowning in a sea of phonics-based despair.

How a Davis Dyslexia Reading Program Transformed My Child's LifeTogether, let us embrace dyslexia not as a curse, but as a superpower waiting to be unleashed. Take the first step towards transformation. Click here to learn more about the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program and reclaim your child’s joy of learning.