5 Before-School Affirmations for the New School Year


School is starting! With all the craziness of school shopping and schedule rearranging, our kids are feeling all of the nerves that come with school. I’ve compiled five different before-school affirmations to help our kids (and us!) with the transition back to school!

1.) I Can Do Hard Things

This one is a classic. When we send our kids to school (or if we’re homeschooling), our kids will be faced with challenges that will stretch them and help them grow. They need to know that they can do these hard things! Our kids are capable.

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2.) I Will Learn from My Mistakes

When I was a child, I struggled when I made a mistake. It felt like the end of the world to me. However, we can set our kids up for success when we frame mistakes as a learning experience.

5 Before School Affirmations3.) I Will Be Kind and Courteous

A little reminder never hurt! All of us could be a little more mindful when it comes to those around us. I find when the words are spoken out loud, it sears it into our minds.

4.) I Learn in My Own Way

Kids learn in all sorts of ways and no two kids are the same. Letting your kids know that it’s okay to be different will give them the confidence to ask questions while learning new things.

5.) I Am Loved

This one, in my opinion, is the most important. Kids will hear lots of opinions from lots of people about who they are. When they know they’re loved at home, it can make all the difference.

This year is my daughter’s first year of preschool. I am nervous and excited all at once. Honestly, these affirmations are going to be for me just as much as they are for her. I want to send her to school with love in her heart and a clear mind so she can learn and have fun!

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Affirmations can help bring some calm to the before-school craziness. Feel free to use these affirmations or add any that you think your kid may need. After all, you know your kid best!

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