Meet the First Ever PNM Honorary Youth Ambassador

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PNM Surprises Albuquerque 10 Year Old as Company’s Biggest Little Fan

Meet Callan. He is a reserved 10-year-old boy in the fifth grade at Chamiza Elementary. When not at school, Callan can be regularly seen at Cub Scouts activities in a homemade PNM shirt and hardhat or in his backyard safely playing in his mock PNM crew site. Catch Callan for a quick chat and he will certainly bring up his extensive knowledge about all things PNM.

PNM honorary youth ambassadorWhen PNM employees heard about their biggest little fan, they went into action to plan a great surprise for Callan and his entire Cub Scouts Pack 12.

A small COVID-safe group of PNM employees arrived at the Cub Scouts annual family picnic Saturday afternoon at Paradise Hills Park. PNM Craft Supervisor, Darin Davis, was among that group and presented an important lesson in electrical safety. Davis, who is also an Eagle Scout, ended the safety brief and quickly put a spotlight on Callan, recognizing the boy for his enthusiasm for learning, focus on safety, and for his genuine passion for PNM.

“Callan loves our industry, which is really exciting for all of us at PNM, but most of all, he has a great spirit of caring. He is a sharp young man who lets his passions shine,” Pat Vincent-Collawn, President and CEO of PNM.

callan 3
callan 2

Callan was recognized with the first ever PNM Honorary Youth Ambassador award.

He received a plaque, a basket of official PNM swag, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) books and kits to help Callan learn about electric circuits and renewable energy.

The importance of STEM education was extended to all of the Cub Scouts at the event who received their own interactive kits to learn about electric circuits using either paper or a crowd favorite– slime.

PNM gave one last surprise to the Callan’s Cub Scouts Pack 12 as the company made a $1,000 donation to the organization that is known for providing a place where young boys and girls can grow to become their very best future selves.

Teaching Your Kids About Energy Efficiency

Focusing on simple and practical ways to conserve energy is a great way to help kids establish good habits at an early age and helps save you money too! Here are a few challenges for them to earn gold stars as energy efficiency warriors!

  1. Unplug items around the house that they aren’t using such as gaming systems and chargers. If they are still plugged in, they are pulling a stream of electricity.
  2. Lower their blinds and curtains during the day when they aren’t home so the sun isn’t heating up the house.
  3. No electronics for an entire day. I know, yikes! This saves the power for charging their gear and gets them using their imagination.
  4. Keep the front and back door closed to avoid your cool inside air escaping to the outdoors.
  5. If your kids are like mine, they linger over the fridge while deciding what to drink. Make a fun, timed game limiting how long they can keep the fridge door open. This improves their decision-making skills while saving electricity!

Parents can contact PNM for a Home Energy Checkup. An expert energy ambassador will meet you at your home to analyze how it uses energy, will give you energy-saving devices, and will tell you what rebates you qualify for too.