A Green Energy Future :: How You Can Help + a DIY Solar Oven


Some of the most amazing things about living in New Mexico are the beautiful blue skies, fresh air, and family-friendly outdoor areas. We are so lucky to live in a state where our children have the opportunity to explore and enjoy nature

Green energy future by Albuquerque Moms Blog

New Mexico as a state is also leading the way towards a green energy future, so that our families will be able to continue to enjoy the Land of Enchantment for many generations to come. This ambitious goal can be achieved by the work we do within our families, such as switching to LED light bulbs and making sure our homes are insulated properly, along with a commitment from PNM to drastically reduce energy emissions statewide.

Green energy future by Albuquerque Moms Blog

PNM has served New Mexico for over 100 years using mostly coal-generated electricity to provide affordable, reliable energy to our families. However, the downside of coal is greater emissions into our environment.  As part of an effort to lead the nation in reducing emissions, PNM is transitioning away from coal and towards more renewable sources, such as wind and solar power. Energy is evolving, which means PNM is as well.  Therefore, they plan to deliver cleaner energy, work towards a cleaner environment, and to utilize more renewable cleaner energy moving forward.

Ready to take the next step to support a new energy future for all New Mexicans? By adding your footprint to live billboards currently being displayed around Albuquerque at pnmnextstep.com, you can literally make your mark to a brighter energy future for our children. Together we can make New Mexico a leader in emissions-free energy.

Here is a fun at-home experiment to teach kids more about renewable energy sources, such as the sun.

Homemade Solar Oven

Adapted from Mama Guru

pizza box
sheet of plastic (a report cover or page protector works great)
a piece of study wire or a pencil

1.  Cut 3/4 of a square out of the lid of the pizza box. Make it big as this is your solar panel, but leave one side attached. Tape a piece of foil to cover the underside of it.

2.  Open the box and tape your sheet of plastic to the underside of the lid, so it is covered. Be sure to make a decent seal, as this will trap the heat in the oven.

3.  Line the inside of the box and sides with foil.

4.  Use a piece of wire wedged into the little holes in the sides of the box or a pencil to prop open the lid.

5. Test out your solar oven on a sunny day. We recommend nachos as you’ll be able to see the change relatively quickly. Plus, nachos are delicious!

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