Christmas Birthday: 3 Ways to Make a December Baby Feel Special


When you have a birthday in December, it can easily feel like your special day is eclipsed by Christmas. Everyone is busy preparing for (or recovering from) Christmas and you may get the short end of the stick. However, a Christmas birthday is super special since there is already so much celebrating going on. (No one else gets the whole town to put on a light show for their special day! Or special ballet and orchestra performances!)

My birthday is within five days of Christmas, and, since I’m turning 30 this year (eep!), I’ve learned a few things about a December birthday. Thanks to my amazing family, I have only good memories of bygone birthdays.

If you have a kiddo with a birthday near Christmas, here are three things to keep in mind:

1. Separate presents

Please make sure there is a distinction between Christmas presents and birthday presents! And this goes for grandparents/aunts/uncles/anyone who would typically give your child a gift. If a June baby would get a birthday present, then a December baby should get a birthday present too. Even though all of your gifts will arrive at the same time of year (instead of being divided into two installments), it can be super fun because you receive twice as many gifts as everyone else!

Christmas Birthday2. Birthday wrapping paper

This is my pet peeve. A December birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper appears like a last-minute save (even if it’s not). I like Christmas themes at Christmas, but as a kid, I also liked princesses and superheroes. I suggest avoiding the colors red and green entirely (unless, of course, they’re your child’s favorite colors). In general, just avoid Christmas. If you’re having a party, make it a birthday party and not a Christmas party. (One caveat, I do have fond memories of making gingerbread houses for my birthday parties. I guess that breaks my own rule . . . oops!)

3. Keep the same traditions

Whatever special birthday traditions you have in your family for non-crazy months, try your best to keep them for your December birthday baby as well. And, if something does have to get postponed, just do something to make that Christmas birthday baby feel like their birthday is special.

Merry Christmas! And perhaps, happy birthday!

Originally published December 2016. 

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