Getting Rid of Food Dye


I am a pretty natural, holistic person. I use essential oils for just about everything, and just about everything in my house rates 0-1 on Once I researched the effects of candles and fragrances, I threw them all out. One thing I didn’t think about until about a year ago was food dye.

Getting Rid of the Food Dye, Albuquerque MomsI was visiting my closest friend who lives the same lifestyle as I do, and she kept denying her kids food because it had dye in it.

This made me ask questions and I began to research Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 1 specifically. Red 40 and the yellow dyes are in some foods in Europe, but they carry a warning label saying, “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.” The United States is not required to have such a warning label.

Immediately I became the “no” mom when it comes to food dye. I denied my kids all the fruit snacks, Jello, etc., and cut out dyes completely.

After three days, I noticed a huge difference in their behavior. I had a completely new set of kids.

They could tell a difference in themselves as well. They have told me they feel calmer without it, so they don’t even want it.

Getting Rid of the Food Dye, Albuquerque MomsMy kids choose snacks and treats for school from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods because everything in those stores is dye-free. I have a bin for each kid that their teachers have. This bin is filled with things like cupcakes, gummy bears, and M&Ms that are all dye-free.

I encourage you to google the effects of food dye and try eliminating dye for your family. It has made this mom’s life so much easier.

Originally published December 2019.

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