Cherishing Family Recipes and Traditions


There is something about my mom’s and my grandma’s cooking. When my Abuelita was well into her nineties, I did not get to experience her cooking. But I got to experience family recipes through my mom and sweet Tia A’s cooking.

Traditional Baking EGR, Cherishing Family Traditions

Cooking and baking are two things that I love.

Being in the kitchen and making something to grub on is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it’s a hardy meal or something sweet, I cherish it because it brings families together.

Now that I’m a parent, I realized how important those recipes are. If anyone has a grandma or grandpa, even an older parent, then you know that sometimes those family-loved recipes are not written down. It’s a little dash of this, a little of that, and watch it ’til you think it’s cooked.

In a way, I feel like the torch has been passed on to me to keep those recipes alive.

So I decided to learn how to cook and bake those beloved eats. I want to teach my daughter the traditional foods I loved to eat as a child.

Now that we get to see my mom more often, I’ve asked her to help me make some of those yummy desserts and meals. The best part is that my daughter wants to learn along with me.

My mom has given us a history lesson on making her favorite holiday treat. We make “pastelitos,” which means little pies in Spanish.

EGR Grandma and Granddaughter

I am so proud to know the stories behind the recipes and what they meant to my mom when she was a little girl.

Cooking in the kitchen with your family is an opportunity for cherished memories and keeping traditions alive. Along with discovering 100-year-old recipes.

I encourage you to take time to make a childhood favorite meal or even your parents’ or grandparents’ favorite meal with your children. Or try some of our ABQ Mom contributors’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Originally published November 2020.

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