Navigating Black History with Small Children


February is Black History Month. And there are so many great things to learn about Black History.

Black History Month

When I think about teaching the history of African Americans to my African American sons, I am reminded of the importance of highlighting so many great men and women.

I want them to know their history isn’t just slavery, but about victory, courage, and so much more.

I also want them to learn things in the home. That is where I believe education begins.

Black History Month

So I  tell them of men and women who looked like them and literally changed the world. Men and women who faced hardship, struggle, and even death so that they could live freely in this country . . . so that we all can live freely. Sharing stories with them of great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Ruby Bridges is a way to make them aware yet encourage them to be brave. It is so important to me that even when they are young, I am teaching my children about truth. So I have had to figure out how to make it age-appropriate for them.

I am finding books and activities to navigate Black History Month with my sons even though they are only four and two years old.

I believe this is important because we never want to forget where we came from as a country. Teaching our children about African American history is important to their understanding of America, no matter what their ethnicity is. It shows them that there is power in unity. It teaches them to fight for what is right. Most importantly, it reminds them that all people were created equal and deserve to be loved.

Black History Month

So I encourage you to find some resources that work well for your kids’ ages. Spend some time talking to your children about these things, sharing stories of these brave men and women. We can help our children to love better, be kinder, and fight harder for people than the generations who came before us did.

Originally published February 2018.

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