Jalyssa Richardson

Jalyssa Richardson
Jalyssa is wife to her best friend Nathaniel & mama to 3 (almost 4) gorgeous boys, Noah, Uriah, & Ezrah. She's a California girl currently living in Albuquerque as her husband serves on Kirtland Air Force base. She's enjoying this beautiful desert & all it has to offer. When she is not doing all things little boy, she loves to take pictures of people, does women’s ministry, & is an avid Instagrammer (@xojalyssa). She is passionate about many things, but all of those things come from her love for Jesus. She really enjoys sharing her journey with people via Instagram & her blog.
Black History for Kids

Navigating Black History with Small Children

February is Black History Month. And there are so many great things to learn about Black History. When I think about teaching the history of African Americans to my African American sons, I am reminded...
A Busy Mama's 10-Minute Makeup Look :: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

A Busy Mama’s 10-Minute Makeup Look :: Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you would have told my 21-year-old self to do my makeup in 10 minutes, I would have laughed. Now as a busy mama of almost four, I have mastered the 10-minute makeup look. I...

When the Days Are Long, Remember, the Years Are Short

"The days are long but mija, the years are so short." These were the words from a sweet little lady at the grocery store standing behind an exhausted first time mama in line. I...
military family

Dear Military Mamas (Or Anyone Creating “Home” in a Temporary Place)

Dear Military Mamas, Albuquerque is your home too. At least for now, right? I have been a military wife for 5.5 years now and have spent 4.5 of those years in Albuquerque. And I'm just now...

Parenting Children With Different Personalities

When my first son (Noah) was born, I was so excited about parenting because, my goodness, he was easy. His personality was chill, but also fun and he was just an easy addition to our...

A Local Guide to Gluten-Free Restaurants

Where are all my gluten-free mamas at? Now I know the GF diet is all the new rave. (Or maybe it's a necessity for you.) But it can be so intimidating making a decision to...

Keeping Your Sanity While Running Errands with Kids

Ok, so I know there are other adventurous moms out there who decided it would be fun to have kids back to back, such as myself. Having 3 kids in 3 years has definitely been...
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Just Play

Ok so I have to ask, am I the only mama who is always afraid her little one is not doing what he/she should be doing at this age? Should they be talking more? Do they...
Desert photography Jalyssa- Albuquerque Mom's Blog

Albuquerque Moms Blog :: Introducing Jalyssa Richardson

Hello loves! My name is Jalyssa (juh-lee-suh) & I am an Albuquerque transplant. My husband serves in the U.S. Air Force & we have been stationed here for 4 years. I grew up in...