Introducing New ABQ Mom Contributor Taylor Davis


Hey fellow ABQ Moms! My name is Taylor and I’m so excited to introduce myself as a new contributor! Born and raised in Albuquerque, I have lovely memories in pretty much every part of our city. I married my husband Christopher in 2015 and we had our first baby in January of 2019. We also have two dogs that complete our little pack.

Introducing New ABQ Mom Contributor Taylor Davis

About Me

I’m passionate about animal rights and have been vegan since 2015. Chris and I are always on the lookout for yummy plant-based eats in Albuquerque. My hobbies include dying my hair crazy colors, video games, baking, DIY projects, and collecting all the comfy vintage tees I can find. I’ve always gravitated to more “alternative” styles and music, but I’m also interested in things like organic toddler food and eco-friendly toys. So I may be a “regular mom” now, but there’s still a hint of the Hot Topic-loving teen I used to be. You can usually find me indulging in sweets, watching reality tv, or going to the bathroom simply to get a moment of peace.

About ABQ

Albuquerque was something that I somewhat resented growing up. I wish I could go back and tell myself to treasure all the things that make this city an amazing place. The food is spectacular and the sunshine is glorious, but the best part of Albuquerque for me is the people. Warm summer nights spent adventuring around Nob Hill with my siblings. The street where my Aunt and Nana live in the South Valley. Hanging out with all my friends from high school on the Westside. Driving around with Chris when we were very first dating in the Northeast Heights. Everywhere I go, I see memories and special moments that I cherish. Albuquerque has been so good to me. If I leave this place one day, I will always keep a piece of it in my heart.

About Motherhood

I’m still learning about motherhood and getting used to chasing around a tiny human every day. My son’s name is Theodore but we usually call him Teddy, Ted, Theo… anything really! The moments I have with my son are so sweet and I couldn’t be more blessed. The road to get here, however, was difficult. I struggled with Hyperemesis Gravidarum during my pregnancy, which is basically morning sickness times a million. Then I suffered a traumatic birth and fourth degree tear, but I am thankful for our health and the opportunity to be a mother. Postpartum anxiety and depression overcame me shortly after birth, and it felt like I was drowning in a sea of overwhelming thoughts. Mastitis, full-body rashes, panic attacks . . . my journey to get here has been grueling.

Introducing New ABQ Mom Contributor Taylor Davis

I have come out the other side feeling so strong and capable. This newfound strength and motivation have been the push I needed to challenge myself to write. Through my writing, I would love to be a friend to those who may be in the midst of their own struggles within motherhood. Mothers, we are indestructible. I’m in awe of every one of you, truly. So nice to “meet” you, ABQ moms! Feel free to follow me on Instagram if you’d like! Can’t wait for this journey to begin.

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Taylor Davis
After struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum, a fourth-degree tear, and postpartum depression, Taylor knows the road to motherhood can sometimes feel dark and isolating. She has since felt pushed to challenge herself and help others in similar situations with her writing. She and her husband Christopher were married in 2015 and had their first baby in 2019. Some of the things most important to her are faith, family, and animal rights. She enjoys video games, crafts, hair dye, and vegan food. She hopes to one day have a large farm sanctuary in the middle of Tokyo. (A girl can dream, right?)