5 Summer Essentials for Albuquerque Moms


Summer is in full swing, and as you explore the many offerings of Albuquerque with your kids, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself too! Here are five essentials for moms to make the most of this summer.


Living in beautiful Albuquerque means we enjoy year-round sunshine. However, due to our high altitude and intense sunlight, sunscreen is imperative! As someone with tan skin, it can be hard to find sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast. Kroger Invisible Sunscreen Gel is one of my favorites. (And it’s a dupe of the popular brand Super Goop.) I buy it at Smith’s! This sunscreen is great for everyday wear and under makeup, but for outdoor activities, you may need a stronger option.

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Water Bottle

Ya know toddlers and backwash? It’s truly ESSENTIAL to have your own water bottle! There are so many water bottles on the market, but my favorite is the Owala FreeSip. It features a wide mouth design for easy drinking and a built-in straw. The 32 oz option is the perfect size for me. It doesn’t fit in a cupholder, which is a minor inconvenience, but it’s small enough to toss in my purse or backpack. You can find this at Target or Dick’s Sporting goods.

Foot Peel

Our very dry climate can take a toll on our feet, especially if you wear sandals like I do 90% of the time. This is where the Baby Foot comes in, which I buy at Target. This treatment effectively removes dry and dead skin and leaves your feet as soft as a baby’s! It takes about 10 days for the dead skin to completely peel off, which can be a little gross, but the results are definitely worth it.

Library Card

As one very wise aardvark once said, “having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.” Northern Rio Rancho just got the HUB, which I am thrilled about. Both the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Public Library systems offer a wide range of options to choose from. What’s better than sitting poolside with a good book? PRO TIP: If you have an Amazon Alexa, you can ask her to read your Kindle book to you, which is a very helpful hands-free option.

5 Summer Essentials for Albuquerque Moms Ice Cream

Last but certainty not least, don’t forget to #treatyourself. You deserve it! Albuquerque offers a wide variety of tasty treats! I am certainly not above grabbing a paleta or snow cone to enjoy by myself after a long day with a toddler.

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The Most Essential

As you enjoy the rest of the summer with your kids, make sure to prioritize your own wellbeing. Remember to protect your skin, stay hydrated, pamper your feed, indulge in a good book and treat yourself to some delicious ice cream!

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