Let’s Talk About Sex, Aimee


Let’s talk about it!

Talking to your partner regularly about your desires and your needs as well as theirs is so important to maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship. So how often are you talking to your partner about sex? Is there an open line of communication about it? Are there times you wish you were closer or maybe even times you aren’t feeling your sexiest and just don’t know how to put that into words? Everyone goes through ups and downs in drive and that may not always coincide with your partner. But there are ways to keep the mojo going even when you may not be feeling 100%.

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Make sure they know you come first in the bedroom . . .

You know what I mean. I firmly believe that a woman’s satisfaction should be the goal. That isn’t selfish, and I said what I said. A woman requires some level of romance and courtship. We want to feel desired, and we want to be told we are sexy and beautiful all the time. That goes both ways too. Your husband wants to know that you think they are hot and sexy, so tell them, text them, whisper it in their ear when they lean in for a good morning kiss at the coffee maker. Make sure that every day you do something to show your partner that you always want them even if your lives are crazy busy.

Let's Talk About Sex, AimeeConfidence is sexy.

It sounds cliche to say “fake it ’til you make it,” but do that if you are struggling with confidence. You become what you focus on, so if you take the time every day to focus on being confident eventually you will just be confident. Believe me, your partner is not concerned that you didn’t shave for a week or your finger nails and toe nails aren’t the same color. We aren’t perfect all the time, and neither are they. Just be confident in exactly who you are: a strong, beautiful, amazing, force of a woman. I mean, you created life after all, so you are actually made of magic.

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Send nudes.

Ok, this may be the most taboo thing I will write in this post, but just try it! It doesn’t have to be a nude photo, but maybe put on some sexy lingerie and use the back camera on your iPhone set to .5. Turn on the flash, use the volume buttons, and start snapping at an angle above and away from you. I promise you will look hot. Send it to him. Don’t be shy. Create desire whenever you can. You are in this for life, so why not make it as fun as you can?

Here’s to you getting exactly what you need and deserve. Now go get it.

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