The Importance of “Couple Care” :: A Romantic Night Away

The following post is part of a sponsored partnership with Hotel Parq Central. It is important to us that we partner with local businesses we feel bring value to our readers. All of the opinions expressed are our own.

Raise your hand if you wish you could go on one of those lavish dates you see on “The Bachelor.”

Raise your hand if you need some time to rekindle the romance between you and your partner.

Raise your hand if you would just like a full night of sleep.

Hotel Parq Central Albuquerque Moms BlogIf you are anything like me, you have both hands raised and are jumping up and down thinking “pick me, pick me.” I’m going to let you in on a little secret mama. You can have all this at Hotel Parq Central with “The Art of Romance” package.

You all have heard of self-care and how important it is for your sanity. I would also like to include the concept of “couple care.” Couple care is dedicating time to reconnect with your significant other. It is so easy to put your romantic relationship off to the side when you have children, work, home life, insert a million other things we do on a daily basis.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and a great time to get away and implement some couple care. You can reconnect to the person who makes you laugh and dream. However, the best thing about this package is that it’s available year-round. If now isn’t the best time due to LIFE, you can plan for a night away to celebrate any occasion.

My favorite thing about the package is that someone has done all the planning for you. So it’s easy for our tired mom brains. Or we can simply send the idea to our husbands knowing it’s fool-proof.

The package comes with a one night stay for two, $50 food and beverage credit at the Apothecary Lounge, a bottle of Champagne and box of Astor Belgian Chocolates, and an upscale continental breakfast the next day.

hotel parq central room Albuquerque Moms Blog

Once you check in, head into your gorgeous room where you will not to trip over a toy your child left out. I recommend staying in a room with a king-sized bed. At home, we have a queen bed that I often share with my children. A king-sized bed automatically feels luxurious to me.

Next, head straight on up to the Apothecary Lounge. It’s the perfect place for a couple wanting to connect over a delicious meal. Happy Hour is from 3-6 PM. And you can use the $50 credit to get a bigger bang for your buck.

Apothecary Lounge Albuquerque Moms Blog

With Happy Hour, drinks range from $4-$7 and a variety of appetizers (including an AMAZING spicy flatbread) are only $7. You won’t have to rush because there is no inevitable child meltdown you are racing against. You can sip your drink, order multiple appetizers and desserts, and have an uninterrupted conversation. I know it sounds like Heaven on Earth . . .

Hotel Parq Central is located just east of downtown and close to great restaurants if you want to venture out.

When you are ready to head back to your room, you’ll be able to enjoy champagne and chocolates.

breakfast albuquerque moms blog

Enjoy glorious, uninterrupted sleep and plan to sleep in. The next morning, head down for a complimentary continental breakfast. You can drink as much coffee as you like while it’s still hot.

One great benefit of staying local is that you don’t have to spend extra time traveling back home. You can maximize the time away really connecting with your love. Then once you return home, you’ll be refreshed, reconnected, and ready to take on the challenges of parenting together as a team.