4 Reasons to Consider Seeing a Mental Health Therapist


When I started my Masters Program in Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling, I was encouraged to go to therapy. They also encouraged working on yourself and taking care of yourself.

This all makes sense. By taking a deeper look into our own lives, we can work through it and understand what it is to do therapy, what it feels like, and how we can guide others in their own healing process.

This process got me thinking about parenthood. Did you know that 1 in 14 children has a parent with mental-health issues? According to the CDC and a recent study, mothers, fathers, and caregivers need support, which can help them support the mental health of their children. Here are four reasons why parents should consider prioritizing their own mental health by seeing a therapist.

4 Reasons to Consider Seeing a Mental Health Therapist

1. A child’s mental health is supported by parents/caregivers.

When we choose to be present with our children, we are able to provide them with the tools they are seeking. Often times we forget that our children have eyes on us. Being mentally healthy for ourselves better equips us to help our children be mentally healthy.

2. Parents lead by example.

This means showing up, especially during the hard times. I have learned that intergenerational trauma is a real thing and that I get to choose every day not to repeat what I learned in childhood towards my children. I can lead by example by doing the coping skills learned in therapy and work on myself every day.

3. Therapy builds better relationships.

The tools learned in therapy can empower you to navigate challenging situations and gain awareness, connection, and healthy communication in your relationships with others. Your relationships with your partner, children, extended family, and friends are likely to improve when you have a better understanding of yourself and you utilize strong communication skills.

4. For you.

With all that said, therapy may not be for everyone. But if you do choose to go to therapy, choose it because it benefits you and not just your children!

Additionally, breaking the stigma around mental health is important. Many times people choose not to seek services because of the negative perceptions society may have, and this holds them back from healing and progress that they could be experiencing.

Seeking mental health services is not just for those experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. Some people seek help with communication or anger. Some come to talk about their week or seek services to help with parenting, co-parenting, divorce, or grief.

Whatever it is, you are not alone. You got this, and you can do it.

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