Two Local Moms Start Podcast Normalizing Alcohol-Free Living


Meet Jess Martinez and Ale Hickman, two Albuquerque moms who have chosen an alcohol-free lifestyle and have recently started their own podcast, Mocksicated. Their podcast is all about helping people re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol and normalizing being alcohol-free (AF).

We recently asked Jess and Ale a few questions.

Mocksicated : alcohol-free podcast

Tell our readers a little about yourself and your families.

Hi ABQ Mom! We are Jess and Ale. We are two besties who were born and raised in Albuquerque. Jess is a mom of three, a cycling instructor, and a football coach’s wife. Ale is a mom of two, a blogger, and married to her best friend!

What’s your relationship with each other?

We have been best friends since 8th grade! We met in middle school and became best friends after knowing each other for a few years. We have worked jobs together, had kids at the same time, just lived life together for the past 20 years. We still talk daily and do so much together–it is more like sisters now.

We hear you have a new podcast and Instagram channel. We’d love to hear all about it.

Yes! We started Mocksicated in February of 2023. We both live alcohol-free lives and came to that decision for ourselves very differently. After always searching for the best mocktails around town and feeling like there wasn’t a real community for non-drinkers, we wanted to create that! Or at least create something that helped other people making the choice not to drink feel less lonely.

A podcast was something we both were interested in doing but knew nothing about. We wanted to be able to be as vulnerable as possible and create something that could be reached wherever. So we just did as much research as we could and got started. We have already learned so much but the coolest thing that has come out of this is the response from other people. We already have over 2.5k downloads from across the world and are constantly hearing from listeners about how this is helping them in their own journeys.

Normalizing something that holds such a stigma in our alcohol-drenched society has meant more than we could have ever imagined! People are starting to re-examine their relationships with alcohol and as two people who completely understand what that can be like, we are just happy to be a part of the community!

We are planning events this summer to bring our community together and will be announcing those on our Instagram.

Our podcast is available on all streaming sites. Follow us @mocksicated so we can connect.

How did you both start down this path of going alcohol-free?

We both came into our alcohol-free life so differently. On our podcast, we each have an episode where we go in-depth about our stories and how we got to that decision! Both of us made the change after becoming mothers. Our children and the life that we want for them was the biggest driver for each of us and what helps us maintain this decision.

It can feel like you need a reason or a problem to stop drinking but the truth is you don’t! Ale made the decision on her own whereas Jess had been questioning her relationship with alcohol for years. Having both perspectives has been so valuable to us.

What benefits have you seen?

We talk about this almost every episode—it can sound cheesy—but everything is better. Our marriages, our sleep, our health, little tiny things that you wouldn’t even think about, are better. It’s totally a domino effect when you make a decision that is such a life changer. It trickles down to all areas and leaves you wanting to continue to better what you can.

We both agree that our confidence is probably the most changed aspect of not drinking. We experienced so much shame with drinking that we are now able to break free of that and work through life with a clearer head. We are sure of ourselves and that holds a lot of power.

What’s hard about being AF?

I think the biggest thing is getting past the stigma. There’s a lot of judgment when it comes to drinking vs not drinking and sometimes it can be hard to break through that. We both have lost relationships and had relationships change due to becoming AF so having to navigate those first couple of months to a year can be hard. Finding people that support you is the biggest and best thing you can do when becoming AF.

What do you want others to know about this journey you’ve been on?

We want others to know that it’s ok to stop drinking. That you don’t need a reason, a problem, or shame to make a decision that will help you! You have a community behind you and at least these two girls who are doing our best to make it normal. We also want to help lessen the shame that comes with drinking when you are women and moms especially. We are here for you and want to hear from you. Always.

If you’re interested in the AF conversation, feel free to reach out to Jess and Ale. Follow them on Instagram individually @alwaysandwhatever and @jessicaleanney or together @mocksicated.

They would love to connect and hear from you!