Three Ways to Be Re-Inspired Professionally or Personally


Three Ways to be Re-InspiredA few weeks ago after a work errand, I stopped by one of my favorite local coffee houses. I waited outside for my drink on a beautiful sunny afternoon and felt perfectly content. On my way home, I had such mixed emotions. I was smiling from the inside out, so happy after what felt like such a normal experience.

My eyes welled up a bit. I didn’t remember the last time that I felt so wonderfully content at a typical occurrence. I didn’t feel like I was trying to survive life in a pandemic. I felt like me, but then realized how bland and monotonous I’ve been feeling for so long, truly uninspired.

If you’re anything like me, you may be lacking inspiration right about now. As a creative person, it’s not abnormal for inspiration to ebb and flow. The past year has really put a damper on it for me, and that can be problematic because I often rely on creativity for my job

I kept telling myself that somehow the magic of the new year might help me out of my rut, but that hasn’t been the case. Sometimes we need to work through those ruts and dry spells. As much as I’d love to snap my fingers for some instant clarity and creativity, I know that there are things I can do to help move things a bit faster. And I thought I’d share those with you.

Take a Break

One thing that sometimes helps is to ignore whatever it is I’m trying to force. Creating a little space can be a good thing. Take a break from the task you’re stuck on, and focus on another. This may sound counterintuitive, but stick with me. If I need to write some copy for a client, but can’t seem to move beyond staring at my screen, it’s probably a good idea to step away from my laptop for a break. 

Busy Your Hands

When I’ve run out of words, I find it helpful to busy my hands. That can mean sewing or embroidery or doing something crafty with my kids. But often it means cooking or baking for my family. I mean, kiddos have to eat several times a day, right? I may as well combine my need for tactile creativity with their need for nutrition. 

Focus on What Inspires You

Pay attention to what does inspire you. I am almost always inspired by flipping through my favorite cookbooks. And I love scrolling through Instagram looking at photos of pretty things. What is it that you always feel better after doing? Is it taking a hike? Baking a treat for your family? Does spending time outside gardening change your perspective? Be intentional about noticing how you feel, and what makes you feel that way, then figure out what your best course of treatment is!