Preschool Parents’ Back-to-School BINGO (Free Printable)


Most back-to-school posts are about the kids, right? Not this one! This one is for you, the moms and parents of littles who are cautiously excited for the new school year to begin. Back-to-school is a great time of year! Less chaos in the house, less time to fill trying to entertain your kids, and consistent schedules. Great until you start getting the calls from the school that your kid is sick, that someone in their class has RSV, or whatever else.

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Preschool Parents' Back-to-School BINGO (Free Printable)Two out of my three kids are in preschool, and one is in kindergarten. I hope you enjoy this with your significant other or friends as a way to find humor in the courtesy calls that your child bit someone or that a classmate has lice.

There’s so much talk on social media, oftentimes from older generations, about how we moms need to enjoy this time with our children while they’re little. And I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t love some sick-kid snuggles, but this season of motherhood is hard. And that’s okay to admit, too. I find that laughing at some of the craziness helps, at least for my husband and I.

So… let’s play!

Back-to-School BINGO

Click here to download your own Back-to-School BINGO board!

My husband and I will be playing with our friends and whoever “wins” will get a date night on us! After all, they’ll need it after all those sick days! How will you play?

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