Finding the Magic of Back-to-School with the Internet Essentials Learning Center


A fresh new school year is filled with excitement and anticipation. While this school year is nothing like one’s from the past, I still want it to be magical. I want to see the sparkle in my daughter’s eyes when she learns an amazing thing, a smile across her face when something finally “clicks,” and twirls around the room when she is proud of herself for learning something new.

As her mom, I want to be intentional about how we kick off this school year of virtual learning. Back in March when the world turned upside, we scraped by when it came to the magic of learning. Yes, we did all the Google Meets calls, practiced math and reading, and completed the assigned projects. But we both were not in the best space for magical learning. Virtual learning is hard on a kindergartener who stopped seeing her friends and teacher suddenly. She was grieving. I was grieving.

However, I am tired of scraping by as we enter the fifth month. I want all of us to thrive this school year. I am going to take advantage of the extra time I have with my children and add in some fun extras with Internet Essentials Learning Center from Comcast.

Any family, whether they are a Comcast Internet Essentials customer or not, can access the Internet Essentials Learning Center and these resources.

These activities are our go-to when my children need something to do independently or when they are bored want to do an activity together.

Our 3 Favorite Resources

  1. CoolMath4Kids: Both of my children love logic puzzles. And my daughter prides herself on being “a math girl.” The games are easy to understand and my kids see them as a reward and special treat.
  2. PBS Learning Center: My son loves Wild Kratts. And we all love learning about animals and habitats. The things he learns carry over through our reading, hikes, and science.
  3. Met Kids: I love this program maybe even more than my kids. You get to virtually explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We are utilizing it to explore art from around the world as we learn about culture and geography.

There are so many more activities, apps, and resources for children and parents alike. In addition to the “free home learning” section, the Internet Essentials Learning Center includes a variety of other free resources that parents may find useful, particularly right now. For example, there’s an entire social media section with free resources and expert advice for parents. It includes everything from how to keep your kids safe on Instagram to suggested social media rules to implement with teens & tweens.

If your family or someone you know needs affordable, high-speed internet for virtual schooling, check out Internet Essentials from Comcast. Families can receive 2 months of free internet service. After the promotional period, they pay only $9.95 per month if they are eligible for public assistance programs like the National School Lunch Program, housing assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, and others. For more information, call 1-855-8-INTERNET or visit