Everything is Figureoutable :: A Mom Motto for the New Year


When I reflect on the past year, I remember spending a lot of it worked up–over everything.

Our 2018 was about adjusting to a new baby, moving, and welcoming good changes with my husband’s job. All of these things were huge blessings to our family, but I’m ashamed to admit I remember being stressed more than grateful. And what’s worse is my worry was fruitless and everything worked out just fine.

Keeping all of this in mind, I want to approach the new year differently.

As moms, we face a multitude of situations and decisions in a day. Some fairly easy, like what to prepare for dinner. Others more difficult, like how to deal with a financial problem. When all of the big things and little things we encounter add up, it can be a recipe for discouragement and stress. A priority for many of us is to minimize the negativity and focus on the everyday gifts in our lives. We need a mom motto to help us flourish in the new year, regardless of what we face.


Everything is Figureoutable :: A Mom Motto for the New Year“Everything is Figureoutable”

“Everything is Figureoutable” is a quote I came across in Marie Forleo’s SuperSoul Session talk some time ago. Forleo challenges the listener to reflect on the differences we would see if we truly approached life with the idea that everything can be figured out. She asks, “What would you do? Who would you become? What would you heal or transform or transcend?”

We can’t control everything that happens in life or in motherhood. There will always be days when things don’t go as planned. Difficult circumstances challenge our perseverance.

But what would motherhood look like if we believed everything is figureoutable? What would happen to our confidence as moms? What kind of example would we set for our children?

We can embrace this mindset and be more confident as we go about our days. Let’s quit beating ourselves up and instead say, “I can figure this out.” Become more aware of the good moments and the blessings. In welcoming this attitude, we show our sons that obstacles can be moved or worked around. We show our daughters a model of tenacity and resilience.

Life is never going to be perfect. We will mess up and fail. We don’t have control over every circumstance we face. In spite of this, we can enter this next year with a strong mom motto: ”Everything is Figureoutable.” We can be strong. We can do the hard things. And we can find joy.

Wishing every mom a wonderful start to a beautiful new year!

Originally published January 2019.

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