End-of-School-Year Memory Book (Includes Free Printable)


The end of a school year has a tendency to stir up so many emotions. As with childhood, time goes far too quickly. I find myself saying I’ll remember to mark these memories tomorrow or next week. But far too often that date comes and goes.

End-of-School-Year Memory Book

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I then open my nine year old’s baby book to find many empty pages. Now there are lost memories that I had promised myself I would get to eventually. I now look at him and try to remember all the small details about who he was as a toddler because that time in our lives was hectic, not unlike our lives now.

I have to force myself to stop time and soak in each and every opportunity to stare at my kid’s faces, so I can remember the small details of who they are at this moment because they are growing so quickly. They will be different tomorrow.

Each year I make a point to take a picture with the same frame on the first and last day of school. This lets me see how much they grow during that year. This year I took it one step further and created a book for them to fill out. I wanted to get a sense of who they think they are at this moment and to remember that for years to come.

End-of-School-Year Memory Book

Click here to download the End of School Year Memory Book

  • The first page is for them to reflect on the past school year, to draw what they look like now, and to write the small details about the year.
  • The second page is to imagine who they will become. It’s for them to draw what they think they will look like, what their family will be like, and what they believe the world will look like when they are an adult.
  • The third page is a brain map of who they are. Have your kids write all the words they believe make them who they are. Write their name in the middle and see how they see themselves and what is important to them.

Click here to download the End-of-School-Year Memory Book.

Originally published May 2020.

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end of school memory book

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