Diary of a Working Mom (Part 3): Why I Am Glad I Work


The title “working mom” often has a negative connotation. Many focus on the struggles of being a working mom and don’t give much focus to the positive side of things. Here are some reasons why I am glad to be a working mom.


Being able to contribute to the family budget and relieve stress when we spend money on extra things has been a blessing. Raising a family is expensive, especially with the rising fuel and food prices. Then there is the cost of sports, music lessons, medical care, dental visits, braces, birthday parties, holidays, and child care. It is also nice to be able to have a little extra when unexpected expenses arise or when planning a trip.

Personal Development

I loved the time I spent as a stay-at-home mom when my kids were young. But during this time, I continued to learn and develop my professional skills by obtaining certifications and furthering my education. Now that I am a working mom, I can continue developing my knowledge and skills in areas that serve me professionally and in my personal life.

I Am More Present with my Children

When you only have a limited amount of time to be with your kids, you want to make the most of it. I have found I look forward to the simple time I spend with my kids after school and in the evenings more than I used to. I don’t take this time for granted anymore.

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What Other Working Moms Are Saying

I asked some other working moms for reasons why they are glad to have a career while raising children. Here is what they had to say:

“Being a mom is my most sacred identity, but it’s not my only identity. Working helps me keep a part of myself for myself, which is essential to my mental health. I get intellectual fulfillment and challenges that I need from my professional work.”  Dawn

Making my kids proud. It’s not that someone can’t be proud of a SAHM mom, but I have built some things from the ground up. My kids have seen (and been a part of) the creation of those things. And they are so sweetly proud of me and what I do because they’ve watched my hard work and effort over time and how it pays off. They feel this way about their dad too. I’ve heard them brag about their parents, and I’m not mad about it.”  Vanessa

“I recently transitioned from part-time work from home to full-time out of the home work, and I love it. I love using my brain in other ways, I love learning new things, and I really love collaborating with other people regularly.

We’ve certainly had growing pains over the last few months since I’ve gone full-time, but my kids are excited about what I’m doing and, honestly, so is my husband. It’s been a great experience for my entire family, and the added income doesn’t hurt either.”  Mandie

“The three things I love most are: 1. Having an identity outside of being a wife and a mom 2. Enjoying the time I do get to spend with my kids more and 3. Modeling a good work ethic for my kids.”  Sarah

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable having dual roles as a mother and career woman. Doing both is tough, and you should be proud of how hard you work to serve your family and your employer.

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