Bored with Board Games? Try These Fun Family Activities


Finding fun family activities is important, especially now when most kids are glued to an electronic device. It can be challenging to compete with the likes of TikTok and Minecraft.

Board games are a classic way to spend quality time together. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right game to entertain everyone, especially if there’s a significant age difference between the kids. Some games start off with the promise of a good time but end up with someone wanting to flip over the table. Then there are always those games that you think are going to be fun, but five hours later you realize . . . not so much. (Sorry, Monopoly.)

These fun family activities are easy and can be enjoyed by all age groups–from toddlers to teens.

Food or Drink Challenge

Bored with Board Games? Try These Fun Family Activities.

My kids got this idea from YouTube. Get a bunch of food or drink items in different flavors. The contestants (the kids) taste each item while blindfolded and then guess the flavor. They write their answers on a piece of paper. We like to select foods or drinks in the same category. For example, we have used different flavored Oreos, Pringles, Peeps, candy canes, M&Ms, etc. It’s especially fun to use unique or limited-time flavors that come out during the holidays. (Roasted Turkey Doritos, anyone?)

After all the items have been sampled and guesses are written down, we do the big reveal. Each contestant announces their guess one at a time. We enjoy a little friendly competition at our house, so we like to grant points. Each completely correct guess earns two points. Half a correct guess earns one point. Lastly, one point is given if the contestant eats or drinks the entire sample given to them. (Is it worth the extra point to gulp down mustard-flavored soda? It is if you want to win.)

The winner gets bragging rights.

I like this game because it gets the children to try different flavors and do a little math at the end. I also enjoy seeing the weird faces they make at some of the more unique flavors they try. Plus, there are always laughs at some of the more colorful guesses.

Chopped Challenge

Bored with Board Games? Try These Fun Family Activities.

This activity is like the television show Chopped. The kids are the contestants, and the parents are the judges. It’s a good idea to pair younger children with an older sibling. Of course, this isn’t necessary, but it reduces the mess and increases the chance that the dish will be aesthetically appealing and edible. (I’ve learned this the hard way after having my six year old hand over a bowl of chunky, brown slush that smelled like funky feet. As a judge and parent, I had no choice but to eat it and smile like it didn’t taste exactly how it smelled.)

First, we establish some rules. We don’t usually allow the kids to use the stove or oven. This greatly reduces the cooking time, limits clean-up, and is all-around safer. The microwave and toaster oven are fair game. We let the kids use a few extra items from the kitchen. These extra ingredients usually exclude raw meat (again, safer). Of course, these rules are what works for my family. You make your own rules.

The judges select a category (e.g., entree, dessert) and set a time limit. Then, it’s go time! Sit back and watch the kids work together in a friendly, competitive manner to create their masterpieces. We judge the plates and grant points based on plating, taste, and creativity. The winner gets bragging rights.

This is a great family activity because it promotes teamwork and creativity. And it’s a fun way to teach kids cooking skills. And, hey, you might get out of cooking a meal or two if they do a good job.


The classic game of hide-and-seek is quite fun. The suggestion of this game may get a groan from older kids, but I promise you they will be begging to play additional rounds. They can’t resist the adrenaline rush of having the seeker walk right past them. Or the undeniable thrill of finding the perfect hiding spot. The goofier the spot, the funnier it is.

My husband once stood in a dark corner with coats draped over him. I walked past him several times thinking it was a coat rack. We don’t have a coat rack! My kids thought this was hilarious and still bring it up to this day.

Bored with Board Games? Try These Fun Family Activities.This game is enjoyable because it’s simple yet challenging at the same time. There are also the physical benefits of improving agility, balance, and stamina.

Make sure to establish rules before playing to ensure safety. We limit play to inside the house. The garage, attic, and inside appliances and cupboards are off-limits.

I hope you enjoy these fun family activities. I’d love to read and see pictures of your family trying these out. Share any awesome activities your family enjoys together, and I’ll try them with my family.

Originally published November 2021.

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