Best Places to find your Perfect (and Cute) Mom Swimsuit


Let’s take a minute to let out a collective ugh over shopping for a swimsuit.  Now that that’s done, I have some wonderful news for you.  Swimsuit styles have changed!  When I started looking for a new suit, I was pleasantly surprised at all the options.  Cute one piece suits, cute and modest two piece suits, mix and match styles, the possibilities are endless and adorable!  

Best Places to find your Perfect (and Cute) Mom Swimsuit

Ok, now that we have established the styles are fabulous, let’s talk about finding the right suit for you.  Sure you can do a google search and find out which style is best for your body type.  Or you can follow this simple advice; buy a suit that you feel good in!  We are moms who do not have the luxury of lounging by the pool while reading people magazine.  Our pool time includes running, splashing, diapering, nursing, so we need a suit that works for us. We moms need a suit that lets us keep up with our littles without worrying about having a wardrobe malfunction.  So whatever you buy, make sure you feel good in it.  

No matter what your size, shape, or style,

 here are some places to look for your perfect (and cute) mom swimsuit:

Target –  Target always has great options and reasonable prices.  I love that you can mix and match tops and bottoms.  Be sure to look online for even more styles and sometimes better prices.  

Albion Fit – I’ve had my eyes on these suits and will probably be sporting one this summer.  These are a little on the pricey side, but they are all modest and adorable. Hello cute high-waisted bikini!  

ModCloth – This website has all kinds of fun swimsuits.  There are a lot of vintage prints and styles from size xs to 4x.  

Cupshe – This website has a lot of great swimsuit options at affordable prices.  Their one piece suits are especially cute and perfect for splashing around the pool with your kids.  

Anthropologie – These swoon worthy suits are beautiful, but definitely on the pricey side.  

In the past, I have had luck finding suits at my local Marshall’s and TJMaxx.  I’ve also been eyeing some suits at our new Nordstrom Rack in Winrock Town Center.  

Ok, Mamas, don’t be scared!  It’s time to go forth and shop for a swimsuit!

Happy shopping!